Tesla overthrows the first German automaker in the United States

DThis week, heads of German automotive companies can paint in a black calendar. Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) wants to hear concrete summaries on Thursday at a meeting in Berlin to help producers to convert older diesel fuels. "We have to negotiate again," Scheuer says. One expects the "business" of the industry.

And after the fourth quarter, where the car manufacturer had to announce significant profits, BMW announced a drop in profit of up to a quarter. At the same time, Tesla continues to push forward and master the consultancy company Inovev figures in order to present Model 3, the world's best selling electric car.

At least the first eight months. And from the top, Tesla overthrows the first German automaker for the total number of cars sold in the United States.

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The first German premium manufacturer Elon Musk reached in the United States is Audi. After production problems, Musk's announcement, which is currently producing tents and quality criticism, makes the electric car manufacturer right now.

In the United States, after all, the world's second largest automotive market, Tesla has sold more new cars in September and October than Audi. In October, the e-pioneer provided its customers with a total of 21,800 new cars, according to figures from the US Automobile Center CAR-Center Automotive Research. It is 5.740 or 36 percent more cars than Audi. In September, Tesla's management had 2150 new cars, 11 percent more than Audi.

"Those who create such sales on the US market under the conservative and oil-conscious Donald Trump have to be taken very seriously. The classic car maker's fun with Elon Musk is just beginning," says CAR boss Ferdinand Dudenhöffer.

Distance between Lexus and BMW is lowered

This Musk is an important US market and two other competitors Lexus and BMW close behind. The Toyota Premium brand sold 22,720 cars last month, the BMW 23,260. Although monthly observations are snapshots, since September, Tesla is behind only two of its competitors and has been growing more strongly ever since. This is an indication that Musk has finally left production problems and is able to work.

Secondly, it shows that Tesla now only has the full effect of where the electric car manufacturer can only offer more than a luxury class model S. Model 3 moss is now the upper class, a segment with a lot of people. And so far, German manufacturers have ruled globally.

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Finally, and finally, it turns out that Elon Musk's model strategy works. Critics have always complained that even the three models, in this case models S, 3 and X, could not have been a lasting success in a competitive car market.

In order to attract customers, more diversity is needed, especially in the United States. Consumers are waiting for the so-called " Facelift, at least design and equipment changes.

Tesla can do it with only three models

But Musk shows that it is the opposite. Audi has twelve different models for sale in the United States, Tesla has only three models. In October, Elon Musk sold an average of 7230 vehicles in the line. Audi had only 1340. The larger product range therefore did not keep Ingolstadt away.

BMW has 14 model tracks in the United States and is sold in October, averaging 1,660 vehicles in the line of cars. "This also shows how attractive a young premium brand for the Tesla 7230," says CAR.

Tesla achieves the highest profit in the company's history

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Elon Musk's entrepreneur is pleased, the electric car manufacturer "Tesla" is the biggest gain in the company's history. Above all, model 3 is in great demand. Its production was very difficult for a long time.

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And with other models, Tesla has the opportunity to grow further. The likelihood that an electric car manufacturer will grow faster than its competitors in the future is so great.

The United States is an important market for cutting-edge and cutting-edge car manufacturers. The dominant position of the Germans is not as strong as in Europe. Americans also buy Lexus, Infiniti rewards from Nissan or Acura, Honda's premium models, or Cadillac if they want to be prepared for a more casual car. The competitive pressure is so huge, so the US market is the benchmark for the industry in the premium sector.

Audi had problems with the automatic transmission

There are always efforts to reach the highest car union. Ford has tried in vain with the Lincoln brand. Elon Musk has done it with Tesla and has left behind Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo and Cadillac. Audi has long been the weakest manufacturer in the US among the top premium suppliers.

This is also due to the fact that in the 1980s the Ingolstadt auto-transmission flap was due. At that time many accidents occurred due to the so-called unintentional acceleration. Audi finally got a technical correction and was able to prove that the cars in question were not designed wrong, but the driver was usually mistaken with the brake and throttle.

They are slightly different in the US car. The Audi boss Wolfgang Habbel accused Americans of interviewing in the beginning of 1987 quite openly, in many cases even accusing the accidents. The effect was devastating. Audi did not really benefit from the associated picture loss until the exhaust emission scandal erupted in September 2015.

Model 3 has pushed Tesla forward

Significantly, because of the good sales figures for model 3, Musk has now managed to move Ingolstadt so far. Tesla had already sought top points in the past. For example, it was reported that Tesla had eradicated German manufacturers in Europe.

What is right. But just compared the model with the S S series, Audi A8, BMW 7 Series and Porsche Panmony. The latest figures in the United States show that Tesla is able to – and in some cases even better – the full range of its competitors.

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What is more alarming to competitors, however, is that Tesla now also earns money. Sales figures are not a value in themselves if the losses are over. This was like Tesla for years. In the third quarter of German manufacturers' black, Tesla has made $ 6.1 billion in sales and, ultimately, profit in the car business.

An operating profit of $ 417 million and CAR according to a 6.1 percent operating margin show that Tesla can generate profitability. Everything is missing that US President Tesla drives. But Donald Trump – patriotism and criticism of German manufacturers – would never go so far.

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