This chocolate bar may contain nasty steak steaks


dmBio Coconut Riegel bittersweet is remembered

Currently, the Federal Consumer Agency, the Finnish Food Safety Authority and dm-drogerie Markt warn of potential risk of injury to the house's chocolate bar. Obviously, the stainless steel bristles of the cleaning brush have come into the chocolate bar during production.

The product is "dmBio Kokos Riegel Zartbitter", which is best before the date of 17 April 2019. "dm-drogerie Markt reminds the article about preventative consumer protection", the company writes customer data.

The chocolate dough "dmBio Kokos Riegel Zartbitter", which has the best time before 17.4.2019, may contain metal bristles. The product is offered nationally in dm stores. (Image: food

Brushes on a chocolate plate

"It can not be ruled out that the stainless steel bristles of the cleaning brush could have reached the bars with the best before 17.04.2019," says dm. The Consumer Agency and the Federal Consumer Agency advise on consumption. Instead, the product can be restored without opening or opening up on any DM market. The purchase price will be refunded. dm emphasizes that the minimum durability period applies only to this product.

What are the dangers of metal parts in food?

Metallic pliers in food may cause cuts and punctures in the mouth or throat. Depending on the shape and size of the metal, breathing difficulties or shortness of breath may occur if swallowed. The risk of suffocation is not completely closed in the case of small swallowed parts. In addition, there is a risk that a metallic foreign body will descend into the body and ignite inflammatory processes. Additionally, it may occur during gastrointestinal migration to gastric or internal bleeding.

The consumer of the model

Unlike many other manufacturers, dm-drogerie Markt GmbH and Co. KG trying to tell consumers as much as possible. For example, a clear warning is displayed directly on the home page of the internet presence. The company also shares this warning directly with other users on facebook or twitter to let them know. (Vb)


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