Friday , June 18 2021

Uli Hoeness: »FC Bayern Munich outside Borussia Dortmund! – Bundesliga

Bayern rushes to the final victory of the Champions League against AEK Athens (2: 0). Now is the time for the top match in Dortmund (Saturday, 18.30 / Sky and Live Bild) – Outside!

Even the Uli Hoeneß (66) roles are clearly divided – to the detriment of Munich. Bayern president in the match with the table leader: "We do not drive Dortmund as a favorite, but outsiders for the first time, and I know these four points are still ahead of me."

Not like Bayern: Hoeneß is cautious, it should not even be a victory for record-breaking champions this time.

As a reminder: With the loss, Bayern's deficit would rise to seven points first!

But even if it is not so, FC Bayern will not go down, we are not as arrogant as everyone else believes. "

He has criticized: "Do not always be so bad, the season has just begun … (…) Four weeks ago, you have all complained that the Bundesliga is boring again, and now it is no longer boring but exciting, but now you are wrong. you should understand what you really want. We'll do you everywhere now. "

Coach Niko Kovač (47) is still modest after the season. Croatia admits: "We have to read the table and the table says very clearly: four points ahead and a very good goal difference. Dortmund is certainly a favorite because they are also playing at home."

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Photo: Matthias Hangst / Getty Images

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Kovač (r., Ribéry) has won only two wins in the last six gamesPhoto: Matthias Hangst / Getty Images

"Although his team has grown in BVB but" Dortmund plays at home, Dortmund is at the top and Dortmund is playing ahead, it will surely give us rooms. "I think it is an open game where we hope we have a better end result. "

Concerned about seals

An important man might lose Bayern on Saturday: Winged Arjen Robben (34).

Sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic (41) After Athens: "It works better, but you have to see if he can train in the next few days." Robben had lost the Greeks by clogging the knee.

But it was the last troubled James (27 / Wadenblessur) on Wednesday night in the Bayern team and also in Dortmund. Kovin must continue without the injured Thiago (27), Corentin Tolisso (24) and Kingsley Coman (22).

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