Xbox Inside 22 Watches in Livestream


X018: Xbox Inside at 22 o'clock, livestream

November 10, 2018 at 20:33:

As part of the special X018 specialty you will find news from Crackdown 3, Minecraft, Thieves Sea of ​​Decay 2 and Forza Horizon 4. In addition, Redmond promises some surprises.

This weekend, Xbox X018 will be held. In connection with the event, Microsoft will broadcast a broad episode of the Broad Inside exhibition. The power starts today 10.11.2018 at 22.00. Two hours later, the new "Inside Xbox" should be ready again.

Livestream lets you Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and twitter stripe. And if you sign up to Mixer via your XBL account and watch the event, you will be rewarded with the games "Sea of ​​Thieves" and "Forza Horizon 4".

The biggest ever Xbox Inside magazine

"Inside the biggest Xbox ever episode episode, we celebrate unbelievable Christmas, including news, interviews, good deals and more, including Microsoft Studios, Matt Booty, Phil Spencer Studio Head Helen Chiang, and more people," said Microsoft .

X018: Insiders talk about taking studios, Ninja Theory title and more

A few days before the start of the Mexico City X018 event, unconfirmed information arrived. According to different insiders, Microsoft should, among other things, …

And the course of the game has to be handled: "Do we have news on the Xbox gambling passport? We always have more than 10 game announcements from the Xbox gambling passport."

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