Tuesday , March 2 2021

Agia Marina – Airport without transfer

Tomorrow or Monday, the subway directly connected to the airport and the airport will continue without transfer to the Douk station. Placentia. On 1 November, by a STASY decision to operate a fixed track, the line "Agia Marina -" El. Venizelos "crashed two tracks to rationalize the route, the main channel remained on the St. Marina-Douk route, Plakentia, from which passengers to other stations to the airport continued on a train.

The purpose of this change was to increase the density of the starting points of Agia Marina-Douk. Plakentias, as the 47 minutes "sniping" of the airport's route and airport guarantees three trains, six lorries and 10 guides. It is a special-purpose wagon with a double electrification system that allows for underground routing on the rails and also for the suburban suburban area of ​​the antenna system.

However, the change has caused discomfort to airport passengers as they are obliged to move and even carry luggage. The problem is multiplying because of the position in Douk. Plakentia is not a central shipyard, such as national defense, which means that loaded passengers must be transported to the opposite side by a two-tier escalator. After strong reactions, the STASY administration is preparing to announce, probably today, the return of airport services without any transfer. "This means there are no grounds for allegations by some trade unions that the change was due to a lack of spare parts and supplies," according to EfSyn, the company's competent source.

Decline the plan

The cancellation of the operation annuls the major STASY plan for planning the use of the suburban connection at the first stage of the Piraeus-Athens (Larissis) -Airport. "Eug.Syn." According to the data, the test routes begin at the beginning of January with three underground trains that can move to the rail network.

Please note that the company has already been authorized by Railways Regulatory Authority (RAS) to engage in rail transport on a rail network using a suburban route. In addition, under the provisions of the recent Waterways Act, STASY has the right to extend its services to neighboring areas, meaning that they can access Chalkida, Lami and Kiato.

STASY plans to acquire new trains by purchasing or hiring, which can be done easily, as the underground network follows similar tools in specifications in most European cities. Two-track trains covering airport routes have been purchased with a special order and the delivery of rolling stock is two years after the signing of the contract.

The OASA economy became a tonic injection to buy electronic tickets and cards. In the competition, the price of the cards was EUR 0.77, while the previous prize, which was made in December 2014, was EUR 2! This means that 500,000 new cards were used at EUR 385 thousand, compared to a million that was issued four years ago.

The price of paper tickets was EUR 0.08, compared with 0.25 at the end of 2014, and EUR 51.3 million was earmarked for EUR 4.136 million instead of EUR 12.925 million from the previous competition.

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