Monday , August 2 2021

Eretria: Shocking testimony of the deaths of three technicians – arrested by the prosecutor – club

“I heard voices, went out and saw at a height of 10 meters one hanging on a pillar, burning like a candle and the others burning on the ground,” Naked Eretria resident George Lambrou told Mega where the tragedy with them had caused three dead technicians.

The dead are a 45-year-old air father of three, a 43-year-old and a 55-year-old father of three. It should be noted that a fourth worker, a 32-year-old technician, was injured and taken to Chalkida Hospital and doctors say he has escaped danger.

Alekos Fleggas, president of the Hellenic Association of Electricians, claimed in the same exhibition that there were 12 fatal electrician accidents last year.

In this case, there were no power outages during the works, and as he said, there is a responsibility for that. “It will be revealed if any of the technicians have the necessary licenses and how experienced they were,” he commented.

Three workers working on the PPC pole died as soon as they were electrocuted. In fact, one in three was found to be dependent on the PPC pole, while the other two were at a point below the column and had severe burns throughout the body.

Police made three arrests. He is the foreman, the engineer in charge of the project, but also the supervisor of the work, who is accused of negligence. All of them are taken to the prosecutor.

It is also being investigated whether HEDNO had been asked to cut off electricity in the electricity area so that work could continue.

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