Monday , October 26 2020

Greece's overwhelming … EFA Group, with contracts from Europe, the United States and Asia

EFA Group, a global market for aerospace, defense, security and industrial partnerships, is launching new contracts in Europe, the United States, and Asia. The EFA Group includes:

> h EFA VENTURES (Projects on system support and industrial partnerships), t
> h THEON SENSORS (world famous manufacturer of night vision and thermal imaging systems for defense and security);
> h SCYTALYS, new name ISI HELLAS, (design, development, integration, installation of regular command systems, control communication, data connection, interoperability solutions and simulation systems),
> h ES-systems (sensor systems based mainly on MEMS and IoT), t
> and a global B2B knowledge base Epicos aviation, defense and high technology.

More specifically, the EFA GROUP announces new agreements:
SCYTALYS (new name for ISI HELLAS):

The EFA's success list includes SCYTALYS (formerly ISI HELLAS), which signed an open call for tender for the provision of an integrated modern command and routine data transfer system to the surface unit in Romania. SCYTALYS won the contract by depositing the best technical and financial offer to other competing companies, such as the French NAVAL GROUP and Milsoft, Turkey.

After the successful completion of the first implementation phase of the Indonesian Air Force National Communication Program, SCYTALYS signed an extension agreement in that country to further extend the interconnection and replenishment of aircraft systems at Command & Control and Communication Base.

P-3HN Navy Hellenic Navy The Hellenic Naval Aircraft Upgrade program continues to develop software for a new, integrated regular shipping system on schedule. This is the IMIMS Maritime Mission Integration & Management System, which has been selected by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and the US Navy as Hellenic Navy's P-3HN Naval Aircraft Upgrades combat system.


THEON SENSORS were allowed to deliver one-day evening gear to the Canadian Armed Forces. The contract was signed between the Canadian armed forces and CADEX, which won the competition, participating in the monochrome night view of THEON SENSORS, ARGUS FS, which is being assembled in Canada. The first Canadian SENSOR is a three-year deal and deliveries are expected to be up to 2,500.

THEON SENSORS In Bangladesh, where it already has three major contracts for nightstand systems and hot spots, it has won two new competitions, which are even more valuable to the giant of the Turkish giant Aselsan, a Turkish giant business.


Another company of EFA GROUP, ES SYSTEMS, is the only sensor manufacturer based on MEMS technology (Microelectromechanical Systems). After years of development, as Greek engineers have developed nuclear technology, the company is starting to commercialize globally and aims at industrial and medical applications. More specifically:

ES SYSTEMS has signed a commercial agreement with an American company that is the world's leading Life Science business in supplying pressure sensors. Total production takes at least 5 years and is expected to gradually graduate and reach 10,000 sensors per year.

At the same time, ES SYSTEMS announced the signing of a trade agreement with Far East for the delivery of industrial pressure sensors over the next three years. The number of MEMS pressure sensors to be delivered is expected to exceed 100,000.

Internet of Things (IoT)
After the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Things, ES SYSTEMS moves to IoT by developing a comprehensive hardware management solution that includes sensors, data acquisition nodes, and wireless data transfer to the cloud. This system makes it possible to maintain equipment using artificial intelligence and mechanical learning algorithms. He was successfully installed to monitor the equipment in the Olympia Odos tunnel and is a worldwide innovation model. Learn more about Olympia Odos soon.

Christian Hadjiminas, Chairman of the EFFA Group, said: "The most recent successes of EFA GROUP, SCYTALYS, THEON SENSORS and ES SYSTEMS are the culmination of many years of intense work and dedication, which represent an ever-expanding course for Greek companies that are not only involved but also as well for demanding markets defined by strict quality standards such as Canada. .

"They are part of a broader policy to promote the products and services of EFA GROUP companies around the world and into new areas such as the Internet of Things and the Internet of Things. The EFA GROUP will shortly announce other successful actions in 2019 globally.

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