Monday , May 10 2021

Little Dimitris Skoulos and Irene Ermidou! "It's a trash can"

"I cried, I cried, I put you in the climate, we all helped, you think you left as a kindergarten."

GNTM's current test was not the best Irene Ermidou, who did not do good photography, and Dimitris Skoulos spoke hard to him.

Elena Christopoulou put the voices on the girls!

"What are you wearing, plastic, it's junk, or what?" Well, this picture can be great, and once again, if you take a photo, you can wrap it with it, why it's a trash can, and I say so hard since that day you laughed, I've been rushing, shouting, putting you in the air, we all helped you, you thought you'd go to kindergarten, we asked you to make a social message and you saw it fun, so the picture is a trash can. told him.

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