Metro: Individual Routes to the Airport – Dikaiologitika News


In an urgent document signed by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, OASA and STASY, who signed the secretary-general of Thanos Vourdas, who are in fact responsible for managing STASY, he asks why STASY switches to airports serving the airport.

The Secretary-General also raises the question of whether OASA and the Ministry of Transport have been approved, and asks for the line to be immediately restored to its original design.

The changes in the metrology line, which led to the unloading of one route at Aghia Marina airport, caused the routes to react, as routes are now between Doukissis Plakentias and the airport instead of line 3, was only recently carried out. This change has caused discomfort to passengers because passengers with a final destination at the airport must go to their luggage and then go down to the opposite dock to the train leading to the airport. Discomfort also affects those who travel from the airport.

STASY's management continued this decision to rationalize metro lines, rationalize the use of trains without reducing traffic.


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