Tuesday , April 20 2021

Official: 4K Remaster for Command & Conquer and Red Alert by EA

No micro-transactions

EA has remained faithful to its promise and has announced that its historic Real Time Strategy series will return to computers. Especially the original and the one Command & Conquer, as well as Command & Conquer: red alarm receive 4K remasteres on the 25th anniversary of the series. One remastered collection will be released together with coverstroke, Counterstrike and Aftermath extensions. EA has stated that it does not exist microtransactions.

The team whose mission is to restore historic games is Petroglyph Games. Many members of the original development team, Westwood Studios, returned to remaster. Frank Klepacki works in projects, for example. This is a sound designer who created the legendary music that has been adapted to the memory of a series of hardcore fans. Also the other creator of the series, Joe Bostic, who was also the leading programmer for Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert, is also participating.

Project development has not yet begun, so we probably need patience up to 2020, which is official and the 25th anniversary of the series

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