Over 25 and under 54, "Makedonian"


The age group of people over the age of 55 is an important category that is profitable, says FraportGreece's Development Director Giorgos Villos, and this has been the result of the Fraport Greek study for several months. Vilos from the 34th Philoxenia conference "Tourism 55+ Development Guarantee for Long-term Tourism Consultation" presented the results of the Fraport study conducted in March for the first time.

From the first observations, it is apparent that the percentage of "Makedonian" passengers in Thessaloniki airport is a dynamic public person of between 25 and 54 years and the proportion of passengers over the age of 55 is 15%.

Mr Villos stressed the importance of this study, which is a tool for all tourism professionals and organizations, and especially because it is enriched with new information and annual data that also provide comparative information.

Most airport passengers, according to research results, have a high level of education and 79 percent of them have university education. They come from Germany, England, Russia, Cyprus and Israel. This, as Mr Villos said, is of particular importance because it differs from the overall picture of Greece, with the top five among the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Italy. "It shows us the connection and specific ties that Thessaloniki has with Israel, Russia and Cyprus," he explained.

Of the 55-year-old solar panels over the age of 55, 58 per cent are foreigners (about 11 per cent of whom are non-resident Greeks) and travel mainly during the summer months. "This shows us that it is possible to attract more tourists and other months and that efforts can be made in this matter," he said.

Class 55 and above, he added, are people who want the safety, comfort and experience of traveling experience and maturity.

It should also be noted that according to the survey, more than 55 passengers spend more time in Thessaloniki than those aged 25-54.


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