SPK ends up with Tsipras – a message about the right – wing Europe POLICY


It is a message that the time for historic decisions and choices is for progressive forces, because we are ahead of the European elections and the right-wing election by increasing its influence especially on the masses, according to government sources, according to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) conference in Berlin.

The Greek Prime Minister is expected to point to key strategic issues regarding the progressive progression of the Greeks, and the activities of the Greek government at the heart of SYRIZA emphasize the need to raise the agenda for reforming the welfare state, wages, occupational safety and environmental protection policy.

He stresses that such a strategy will give European citizens the opportunity and the right to be sidelined, but also points out that they also call for bold decisions that require political courage and form an ideological defeat of nationalism.

An example of this is the Prespa agreement, which is said to be historic and which is a very important development for the new era of the Balkans.

It points out that in this area, two major political families in the European Progressive Area can find cooperation and refer to the examples of Portugal and Spain where such a partnership is proceeding successfully.

Tsipras arrived yesterday in the afternoon in Berlin to attend the SPD conference and in the evening she met Co-Chair of Die Link, Katia Khiping.

The Greek Prime Minister is today in bilateral meetings and speaks at the SPD conference in a panel attended by President of the Social Democratic Party Andrea Nalés and Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa from the left and on the success.

In detail, the Tsipras program set up in Greece in Berlin is as follows:

-12.00 Meeting with Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa

-13: 00 Meeting with German Chancellor and Finance Minister Olaf Solds

-14: 30 Meeting with the President of the SPD, Andrea Nalés

-16: 00 Speak at the SPD congress

Source: RES-EAP


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