Wednesday , April 14 2021

Wedding-marriage! The youngest son of Constantine's son to marry!

Closer to the moment the bridegroom dresses, the younger son of late King Constantine comes when his daughter's daughter Thomas Floor, Nina Floor, is in the blood!

Couple knows their relationship for the best time that lasts only a few months, but as events show each day, it is enough for both friends to understand how they are made to each other.

Moreover, their unofficial commitment for a while – the passion that was host to all the columns in the global newspapers and magazines and Greece – was simply a confirmation of all those who united a couple that they had a hurry to join their lives and commit to a shared happy future.

A few weeks ago they made their first official public appearance, which is not a simple thing in the "blues" circuit. According to the Royal Family Patterns, their members must first obtain permission from the palace to publicize their development in their personal life to make a formal appearance.

That is why Prince Philip's performance in London, Princess Evgenia, Queen of the United Kingdom, daughter and her new favorite Nina Floor, marriage was well commented. The "blue-eyed" desert of the desert was not impossible to attend Eugene's cousin's marriage to Jack Brooksbanks, which took place at St. George's Cathedral in Windsor Castle, where Prince Harry's magnificent marriage and Megan Markl.

According to Phillip, according to Realnews, he had the opportunity to participate with his family, but he wanted to make the first official public appearance with his partner who managed to admit to all his appearance in his shy appearance in his emerald lace. The only reason they have to distinguish recently is that he has to travel to Benghuera Island near the coast of Mozambique, where Kisawa, the luxury hotel and the environmental center are located.

His control is Nina's responsibility as the leader of the creative division of the Vistajet, owned by his father, and has an eclectic clientele, prime ministers and heads of state from all over the world to rich entrepreneurs or top artists.

When he is not far from Philip's hand, they enjoy their daily life in New York where they met. They often travel on the first occasion, usually for leisure, while their first erotic summer went to Greece when Nina was a guest of the former royal family of Porto Hel. There, a beautiful golden heiress met first with the beloved former King Constantine's father and his father, Thomas Floor, who showed me the beauty of our country's embarrassment.

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