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Stathakis, in interview "Sunday Nation", says that "the ultimate exit from memory will enable an independent economic policy that focuses on many needs".

He stressed that "protection of the first place of residence is a strategic aspect of our strategy" and announces a new regulation that will replace the Katseli-Stathakis Act at the end of December 2018. As stated in the new regulation, "the same spirit of protection, first residence with income and real estate, and the simultaneous elimination of strategic bad payers".

Mr. Stathakis also explicitly excludes the possible increase in PPC tariffs. Emphasizes that the key to development is the conversion of Greece into a transport and energy regional center, which includes very large investment projects

The Minister of the Environment and Energy considers the State Church Agreement as a major reform of state modernization and concludes in his interview that "the government has become familiar with the idea of ​​a big fan on issues, cases and reforms that we decide in our current mandate".


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