Tuesday , May 18 2021

Which channel moves after divorce ANT1 | thetoc.gr

One step closer to the Open channel is Antonis Kanakis, whose report by Realnews tells the story of ANT1 on his departure – at least two stations.

The "Radio Army" initiator and artist received an Alpha call, while the effects were also seen as open, where the environment best suited to the rapporteur.

His chronic painful divorce with ANT1

Marriage lasting 21 years, longevity of television, was a bad end. The ANT1 TV station and the popular Antonis Kanakis now look at the opposite bank.

Many statements and great bitterness follow a scenario that wants the Kanakis to reflect on their position and position as unhappy about the delay in starting the show. But the background looks completely different.

"ANT1 announces a solution to the cooperation with Antonis Kanakis and we want to thank him warmly for everything he has been offering for these 21 creative and successful years," the TV channel said.

The cold climax was born when some websites wrote that it was the face that many of the commentators who are responsible for the cuts, delays and cancellations of late-night bands have been photographed by Antonis Kanakis. Liak's "late night" cut and Gregoros Arnautoglou's "The 2night show" show that someone is influencing the decisions of the station and all doubtful Kanakis, after a few days he renewed his unanimous cooperation channel for another three years until 2021, read a press release from the last chapter. "This important collaboration with creative and special TV creators who are already relying on the 21st birthday will gain an additional dimension because Antonis Kanakis will modify the ANT1 nightclub and its physiology as a whole."

Liagas does not respond and looks forward to development, while Arnautoglou states that the only director he recognizes is the station's then program leader, Yannis Latsios. The ANT1 rapporteurs are clearly divided into two fronts, while Fave Skordan appears in the statement's statement that he reports that he has sent a broadcast of George Liagain and has not done it as an executor.

There is a storm where everyone thinks he wants when Canakis wanted ANT1 to take the place. In his statement, he writes: "The paradoxical reputation on which I was accused of decisions that apparently could not be mine. The decisions that the ANT1 naturally took and announced before I was given the late-night artistic treatment (which at that time despite the publications has never been realized so far ) ".

The reasons for the breach and the breach of confidence are the reasons for his resignation, and ANT1 has in no way disputed or made it clear that such decisions would be his own because he should, in my opinion, be a partner at that time. On the contrary, even actively, it helped to create and get more of this fake, that is, certain choices made exclusively by the channel itself by humans and performances last year and this season were my own choice or suggestion (!!!) ».

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