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The "Millions of Stars Awards Ceremony", which will take place next month, will be disappointing every year after the Royal Television Awards. Wireless innovation this year and announced the withdrawal of Star & TV Awards from Singapore and Malaysia. And the "Malaysian Starlight Prize Ceremony", but the voting abroad is still the same, and it plans to host the show on the first day of November 19 after the first day of the show, Taiqing will become a pre-war ceremony and the summit will be repeated.

After Chen Ding, Hu Dingxin and Dangdang Matou, Hu Dingxin was accused of withdrawing from the team cup in Xingman promotion, but it turned out that the good match was behind. Ding Xin's awards have been reported after two sessions quite unclear. T-shirt is just supporting his sister Huang Zhiwen and preferring to give up the flag and swear to help the black horse Huang Zhiwen, when the company pulls a flag Xingma, the sisters attached hands to fight hot Chen! The Queen of Tongtong is the same as Taiping, can the real system be parallel?

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After Taiqing's transformation, suburbs Hu Dingxin pushed Huang Zhiwen into the market

November 19, 51 years of Taiwan's celebration, slogan advertise "50 + 1" to restart, wireless has different meanings earlier, Taiqing change "Wan Qian Xinghui awards" outpost, announced a cancellation in Singapore and Malaysia held "Star and TVB Awards" and "Malaysia Starlight Awards Ceremony "through which only artists could vote in the local area and still vote through foreign audiences, but the awards were especially organized by Taiqing Night, Star and Horse. After the Emperor's vision he was born first, and who can run from the Emperor, will certainly be the focus of the night.

Hu Dingxin

Hu Dingxin

He was accused of not being in agreement with Hu, and Hu Dingx recently participated in the "2019 Wireless Program Tour" event. He was arrogant with the brothers, but when asked about the boy, Ding Xin was ready: "I'm special." I went to Singapore, my brother went to Malaysia and I was on the same day the last day because I wanted to see everyone! "Privately, there is no communication, and people come to the real shade to take their homework, which is really intentional!

Every plot

Wan Qian Xing Hui Prize Ceremony "for the entire city will be held in the month of 16 November. According to the insider," The company has broke three award ceremonies that night, and Yi Jiazhong did not fully implement it. In short, I want to do more 啲 啲 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "After this year's statement, Ali will look to the Wan Qian Xinghui Prize Ceremony next month as a positive prize, but he is firmly behind the stars and wants to shoot a new drama" Killer "when he does not fly to Marathon. The pace is not as good as the local artists.

Hu Dingxin

Hu Dingxin

In addition to the report of the movie's blast, before the peak event starts, Hu Dingxin's Chen 炜 activity is often based on one party and rarely communicates.

Chen Yu, Princess Taiping, red in red

This year, Taiping Princess purple princess Hong Kong's popularity is hot to go to Xingmaan, and "Deep Palace" Emperor Hu Dingxin fights to kill you, the original two prize ceremonies, both of which are hot later. Two were also named last month's end of the brigade to go to Star Marathon to promote, but this trip is good sister Huang Zhiwen, Li Shizhen compared Ding Xin, strong people and strong pace, strength weak Chen Hao, the surface Two of them were publicly available without any distinction. In fact, in the private world, Xinyi brothers were all friends, and Xinla's team Selfie deliberately launched.

Hu Dingxin

Hu Dingxin

Photographed and won the competition, Huang Zhiwen on the throne could also play with Hu Dingx, Ma Guoming, Tang Shizhen and Wang Haox.
On the contrary, this year, when "Deep Palace" works to win the opening line, Chen Hao, may only be the first line of foreigners.

According to the information: "Drama" Deep Palace "burst from the red 咗 炜, completely plunder the sun to set the parade light, but in fact, weakening power to draw the sound itself, the channel is basically ambitious, the channel wants to help Sister Huang Zhiwen who knows that Zhiwen has shared the role of" Three women and one reason "this year and has done a good job of getting a lot of pressure.Drama is very good and the answer is bigger than Hong Kong.Ding Xin thinks that Zhiwen thinks it is a good opportunity to think of each other's party.To help the siblings fully support Qu Ning would like to abandon the vote, and he secretly announced that everyone would vote for it and that he would vote for Zhiwen. After the nomination I will continue to renew the wireless network so I hope that before I leave I will help my sister! "

"Deep Palace" is red in red, and the older brother chose netizens hot after the current session, but Hu Dingxin did not have brothers support, but another sister Huang Zhiwen's other drama "Three Women One" "" Pulling a Ticket, Ruth's scent is full!

Organic plum village

Compared to the wind and cloud color change, male performances this year have not been excellent, and the Taiqing drama "Brothers", released on Monday 12, was created. The best schedule for the school was to make the male Wang Haox organic next month. Then close the Emperor. According to sources of information: "Wireless knowingly changed the" big guy "to the first broadcast in December, it is Zhang Weijian's strength to copy every time, always Wang Haox and TVB Zhong have long-term relationships before the scandal engages in aging image, channel promised to seek to wash the base, wants to push Haoxin and then the next city to win the prize! But "Brothers" is astonished when the outside world is sent! "

Hu Dingxin

Hu Dingxin

Huang Zhiwen had a good sister, Hu Dingx, and was throwing the hot Chen's disdain. Coincidentally, both were organized to hold onto Cao Yonglian Xiao Zhengnan, and they did not have any contact during filming.

Lu driving a mystery

Only on Friday (November 2nd), the "2019 Wireless Program Tour" took part in the mobilization of the wireless station, and the image of the photo was also revealed. More than 200 art from all over Taiwan gathered in the TV, as always, Dahezhao's image reflected the artist's favorite index of the company, his favorite Wang Haoxin was in the middle of the show, on both sides had two major Hu Dingxin Tang poems distributed evenly but the most bizarre Huud Zhiwen has made good results this year, can be placed in Dahezhao's photo center position. Hu Dingxin has only two body gaps, but Tian Ruini has used the same distance after the double image, on the contrary, this year's "Deep Palace" Taiping Princess organized after Hu's people after Chen Hao even though they were held in the first company but they can only go to the biggest foreign files when the battle was clearly split up for the first time!

Each year the tour of the wireless program is placed as a direct photo and directly reflects the artist's index. This year, in Taiqing's "Wan Qian Xinghui Prize Ceremony," Wang Zhuangxin, Emperor Zhuangzhuang's accused, is in the middle of the show and is undoubtedly the most bizarre, I'm afraid that Huang Zhiwen, who has not shown his excellent performance this year, is suddenly ahead and Tian Ji Niin gets even more, incredibly unbelievable!

Disapproved vote

Hu Dingxin was charged with avoiding Chen Yu's diversification from "Forensic Pioneer IV" event. He had previously entered the Star Marathon and pulled the Selfie team into the suburbs so rumors were not as good as rumors! It turned out that Dingx also secretly helped his sister Huang Zhiwu to investigate the flag and even wanted to abandon the ticket to Gu Zhiwen.

coarse performance

Huang Zhiwen, who had a good picture of a good place, was very excited all night, and his mood was obviously very embarrassing.

The next year's "Devil's # 2", Huang Zhiwen then acted as a hero.


Hu Dingx and Huang Zhiwen, Li Shizhen, Li Nuozhen, Yuan Weihao and Tan Junyan are happy with Selfie and they owe Chen Hao.

Li Jiaxin rushed to shoot a new drama "Killer" in Taiwan and did not attend a tour of the program, but he promised that the company would delay the wedding. In fact, he has been trying to get the next big prize "Millions of Stars Awards Ceremony" next month!

The public's first attitude

In private, Chen Yufen, only publicly, first saw the common propaganda of Hu Dingx and Chen Yu, but what about burial? ! Obviously, the sisters Huang Zhiwen and Li Shizhen advertise the white shirt in the propaganda of Ding Xin, the point is a lot of relatives and sisters!

Strong pace

Is Taiwan's drama "Brothers" to build momentum, Wang Haox this year, organic 冧 Zhuang re-closed the emperor, "Wireless 2019 program tour" is also a detached position!

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