Friday , March 5 2021

Steam "Ren Wang Complete Edition" opens a special offer for a limited time – Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

In addition to the historical facts of the end of the era of military states, there are many military militants in this work, and the original story is profound and profound. It also provides sufficient tensions and a great sense of accomplishment that suffices to call it a "warring state". Death game work.

Include content

The full version of the game "Kyushu" – "Omi" and three large-scale upgrades "Northeast Dragon", "Successor" and "Yuanhe" are included.

◆ "Northeast Dragon" (Northeast)

Describes the protagonist's story of whether the Yi Dazheng sect, with a single-eye dragon nickname, rebelled in the northeast.

◆ "Successor of Righteousness"

(Osaka Winter Festival) The story is in Osaka's winter.

Describes the story of a soldier known as Japan's first soldier and a war period era.

◆ "Yuanhe Yuwu"

(Osaka Summer's Array) The story is about Osaka's summer.

Describes the final battle between Tokugawa and Toyotomi, which ended the era of warring states and the end of William's journey.

■ Steam limited edition special code

For the Steam version of the special code, "Regular Valve Front Axis".

You can choose the "gifts" option in the game's "Shrine" by collecting special codes.

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