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Gergely Gulys: CEU's teaching must go far beyond forgiveness

November 11, 2018 11:20

Csaba Lszl has formulated all the fundamentals of political and social issues – this is a case in which the Foreign Minister, who is a celebration of cheese at CEU, in an interview with Npszav. In Csaba Lszl's article, Gergely Gulys had an anti-Semitic remark on the subject of Soros Gyrge. Minister of Foreign Affairs said: "We have to send a delegation to Fidesz-frakci kzssg, and Csaba Lszl should be sorry to be sorry.

Soros University teaches Npszava to come to the conclusion that, in his view, Fidesz Viktor Orbn and Gergely Gulys in the previous round of talks said:"Gergely Gulys has set the ball upside down: if it did not go to Fides when the wet winters were out of the way then the fighter would have to fight it? What do we have reg jew now? – krds sounded. Orbn owned at that time: "We have been thinking about this principle, but there is nothing left in August, Soros is still" – said Csaba Lszl and put it. In my opinion, I felt that the government wanted CEU to be one of the country's most common members.

Interview with Gergely Gulys answered: no such talk, not Fidesz and msholin fiddles are out there. And the government is not just Prime Minister, but all members of the Fidesz frakci.

"It is likely that this violence is based on people who are or can not survive or are allowed or are in the nature of Csaba Lzl in bartiya or CEU, but amazing in the body of Fidesz." "Gergely Gulys told.

Trcavezet stressed: Soros Gyrgy supports him, and the government opposes the enthusiasm. Hungarian millionaires are interested in the domestic politics of each country, and the Hungarian government is the sovereignty of the country. Soros Gyrgy's stockbrokers took him a knife for a thousand dollars, and the government said he was supposed to speculate.

With Soros Gyrggyel, this is an important controversy over the government, but Hungarian factors can only put the government in one case. The Ministry has brought it: "If Professor Csaba was once a professor of elegance, all the basics were empty because of his illness and illness."


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