Saturday , July 24 2021

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2-2 draw on Sunday at Gyirmoti and Siófok in NB II, but the match is unlikely to be a memorable one, because of one of Siófok's midfields after an accident crash and after the event, twenty minutes next to each other, as there was no rescue in the stadium – 24th place.

At Siófok's website they also discussed this event: they find it astonishing that during such an event they will not be saved on the spot because anybody can be bad and sports can be harmful.

As was written, Attila Horváth suffered a lot of scarring and should have been taken to the hospital as soon as possible

in the absence of an ambulance, he lay on the stretcher for more than 20 minutes in despair desperately for everyone.

The National Ambulance Service informed the player that he was already in the hospital 25 minutes later when he was on Monday morning. Horvath said surgery was scary pains he did not want, but after that the situation has improved a lot. He also added that he would like to come back as soon as possible, but it is almost certain that he can approach next spring, even with a mask.

At age 24, he wrote that Blikk was looking for club leaders for why he did not have a rescue at the stadium, but club chairman Zoltán Margitai answered only:

I do not think we want to comment on it.

This is in any case very interesting because of the MLSZ security code [.pdf] suggests that he should be under 1,000 if he is in the match at the stadium. This means that a compulsory rescue station, ie medical, ambulance and ambulance, is on-site and requires an ambulance or an ambulance under the current regulation.

In April, however, there was a similar case in the Future Talents Cup, where Diosgyori had a fracture at the age of 16. The tournament was not organized by the MLS, but in our case, we answered in this case by saying that UEFA regulations are mandatory and require the seizure and rescue operation.

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