Katalin Szili: Left is not in the party of society


The former ruling politicians of the Socialists criticize the leftist parties. Katalin Szili spoke at a conference in Budapest that he believed that the left did not have any effect. According to the prime minister's agent, the crisis in the Left is also due to a lack of coherent and contradictory principles.

By creating a common list for the leftist parties in the 2014 elections, more than 26% of votes have been defeated. Four years later, however, they lost their popularity again. The MSZP Dialogue and the Democratic Coalition's support, together with 17%, were hardly exceeded.

The left fall has begun a long time ago – said Katalin Szili, former deputy chairman of the MSZP, on the situation of the left-wing parties. According to the current Prime Minister's mandate, the Socialists on the slope began rejecting a referendum on dual nationality in 2004, which was not ultimately successful. The former speaker said that the crisis in the Left is also a reason why it does not represent uniform and contradictory principles.

According to the director of the View Institute, the MSZP and DK gave a bad response to immigration, so the new masses turned away from them. According to Ágoston Sámuel, Mráz, the left-wing parties in Hungary can not participate in political parties.


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