Wednesday , June 16 2021

László Kövér: The relationship between Colombia and Hungary is the success story of the southern opening

The development of relations between Colombia and Hungary was described by László Kövér, President of the Parliament in Bogotá, as the success story of the southern opening, said the press office of the House of Representatives to the South American visit to MTI.

In line with the South opening policy announced in 2010, in addition to building bilateral relations, Hungary is aiming to further develop diplomatic, economic, cultural and educational cooperation throughout the Latin American region, serving the parliamentary delegation of three Andean countries (Colombia, Ecuador and Peru ); in this process, we treat Colombia as a priority partner – said László Kövér with Enrique Macías Tovar, the Colombian Congress and the Senate Chairmanship in Bogotá.

Enríque Macías Tovar, President of the Colombian Senate, receives László Kövér, President of the Parliament in Bogota on 6 November 2018.Photo: Press Office of the Parliament / MTI / MTVA

Colombia has a tremendous potential and wide-ranging potential after the end of its armed conflict with a stable and developing country. One of the priorities of the Hungarian foreign policy of recent years is the revitalization of Latin American relations, Which were in jeopardy in the 1990s and 2000s – the communication states.

Laszlo Kövér recalled that after the reopening of the Hungarian Embassy in October 2017, Colombia soon reopened its representation in Budapest, which contributed significantly to the further spectacular development of the intensified political, cultural, educational, technological and economic ties.

In 2017 our Latin American exports grew by more than 34 percent, and Colombia became Hungary's 5th trading partner in the Latin American region. The number of Hungarian state scholarship students in Colombia is depleted by the proposed framework, which is doubled for the next academic year, for the benefit of 40 for the eighth generation, said Kövér.

Enríque Macías Tovar thanked this opportunity and confirmed the importance of developing educational relations. Parliamentary diplomacy said it could be an important component of relations between our countries, and its role in the future seems to be rewarding, for example in global challenges such as climate change, migration or anti-drug fight.

Mónika Bartos, a Fidesz Representative, the President of the Hungarian-Latin-American Friendship Group, said: The body is ready to promote dialogue among Members, ready to discuss issues affecting our countries and to formulate a joint resolution in various international forums.

Enrique Macías Tovar said that the Colombian-Hungarian Friendship Forum is soon to be set up at the Colombian Congress.

László Kövér met with First Vice-President of the Colombian House of Representatives Atilano Alonso Giraldos and was received by the Vice-President of the Republic of Colombia, Marta Lucia Ramírez. Carlos Holmes's discussion with Foreign Minister Trujillo was about the implementation of the peace process closing the Colombian civil war and the management of the Venezuelan refugee crisis. The Minister thanked for the support that Hungary offered as a humanitarian aid to Colombia and called on Laszlo Kövér to support our efforts in resolving the situation of more than 1 million Venezuelan refugees in the UN, the EU and international fora, humanitarian aid a solution to a disaster-threatening conflict – the press office said. (MTI)


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