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Resident Evil 2: Thanks to a modder, Pennywise himself can chase us in the game


When Capcom decided to dramatically hit Resident Evil 2 on its remake, they probably didn't even think that Mr. X, who was terrorizing the game, would become a gold mine thanks to PC modders. . While the company has repeatedly stated that it is not necessarily fanatical additions – or at least not opposed to them – enthusiastic and knowledgeable fans have already proven on several occasions that they understand the thunder: we have seen Mr. X in swimwear and Thomas, the steam engine can terrorize everyone if you crave it, but a mod that is currently debuting may not necessarily grab the subject from its humorous side. For Marcos RC, the movie "Az," dreaded the dreaded clown, Pennywise, into Capcom's survival hormone, and the result … well, frankly, it was really awesome for Lett, see also a little taste of the news.

Since the mod is not made available to fans by a competent hobby programmer – practically only Patreon supporters have access – so we suspect that Capcom won't sit idle for a long time, anyway, because in its current form, it's a bit disappointing in the sequel to the sequel to the original film, the character known as Krajcáros is even more terrifying than Mr. X. (which in itself is a serious achievement, as there is a very successful mod that simply hates the character out of the game, and with only the music added to the video, everyone is guaranteed to climb the wall in twenty minutes (whether clowns or not), and whoever's been through Resident Evil 2 Remake knows that he won't be alone in twenty minutes.

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