Saturday , March 6 2021

The Board decided on generous HÉV and the development of railways

When Western and South Railway Stations were connected to a tunnel, Nyugati would be a main railway station, combining several HÉV lines and specifying the technical specifications for the new HÉV equipment – including the government declarations published in the Hungarian newspaper.

The first decision is part of the EU's Integrated Transport Action Program (St. Petersburg) Commuter line a BBetween Szentendre and Szentendre preparation for reconstruction and Ráckeve and a Csepel HÉV reconstruction, including the fact that they are led to Calvin Square.

The latter task is just about preparation. A feasibility study should be carried out to connect the two Southern HÉV lines and Szentendre HÉV line to the north.

They would also take train stations

It is also part of the IKOP South Railway Station through the area To the Western Railway Station leading "railway tunnel" and changing the so-called "railway tunnel" West Railway Station Central Station. At the same time a detailed feasibility study should be carried out on the switching prices of the headquarters and thus on the changes in the areas exempted from the railways.

The second decision concerns the direction of the development of the railway system of the budget. This government has decided on a detailed feasibility study covering urban, transport, railway technology and environmental issues funded by the European Network Facility (CEF) in co-operation with the Minister of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Innovation and Technology in cooperation with a minister without a portfolio manager responsible for national wealth. The study should include a tunnel linking the southern and western railway stations and extending the southern route to a new stop (this is part of the Kelenföld-East train station where Nardarert, the new slaughterhouse and Népliget new stops are being built).

The development must cover all areas located at the South Railway Station, near the Western Railway Station and the East Railway Station and adjacent adjacent railways. As a result of the transformation of the rail network, it is also necessary to develop an operational concept which includes the storage of railway storage, maintenance and repair infrastructures.

This would be a suburban and high-speed rail network

The third decision provides for the development of railway suburbs in Budapest (railways and HÉV) in a unified system. This defines the Espoo railway connection between Ráckeve and Csepel, then Kálvin Market and the Western Railway Station to Békásmegyer, then from there Szentendre and Esztergom will be the terminal.

According to the law, it is also necessary to define the technical parameters that allow the use of long-distance long-distance trains in Budapest-Kunszentmiklós-Tassi suburb 150.

I also want to link M2 and HÉV

The Government agreed on the comprehensive development of the suburbs of Budapest-Gödöllö and Budapest-Csömör HÉV lines in line with urban development. Both lines of the Örs leader get which connects the existing M2 metro line and establishes a new take-off connection to Törökorva with the railway 100a and Rákosfalva. At the same time, the preparation of the Rákoskeresztúri crowns begins.

Finally, a definition of a vehicle specification should be initiated, enabling the acquisition of new PVA connectors.

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