Thursday , March 4 2021

The world's most important e-commerce day has been launched

Today one of the world's most important e-commerce days has begun. Alibaba's Snooping Day has attracted a lot of attention in all its winnings and earned a record. Last year, the first three minutes of the event brought about $ 1.5 million in net sales. However, Blessing Day is not important to Alibab, but many people also produce huge lives.

The Singapore Day began in 2009 when Alibaba started daily discounts. However, this is the case in the early 1990s. The dictatorships of the Nanking University held "nnep" and wanted to release the skepticism of singularity. Valentine's Day, protest November 11, November 11 because symbol 1 symbolizes singles.

Jack Ma, Alibaba's current leader, Daniel ChangForrs: AFP / Str

Last year SINGAPORE DAY received a lot of revenue, as in Alibaba 256,000 events took place every minute. In 2017, the business grew to $ 25.3 billion in net sales. The big screen shows that this is the black Friday size and the Cyber ​​Monday arrived at 2016.

Last year's most popular products in recent years The recommended products were woolen skirt (2 million pieces), diapers (1.5 milligrams), bottled wool (70 milli pieces) and toothbrush (11 million pieces).

The villagers did not complain. L & # 39; Oral has blamed you, and Tag Heuer cuts the 2016 revenue in just 15 minutes. The Ruffians went terribly. Columbia Sportswear 800 produced stalactites, including the North Face 400 stylish.

Singing Day is one of the most important e-commerce events in the worldForrs: AFP / Imaginechina / Tu meifei

Idn technical handbags based on 500 million toadi to visit the Alibaba website. The economy suffers from explosions, and in previous years, the 2016 data went through 39 chaos. Keeping today in Szinglik Naps is in a disadvantageous economic environment. The country's economy is slowing down and the United States has the same power as vstill.

In addition, online gaming has slowed down by 12% in this quarter.

So Alibaba has spent all of Sting's day. Starting a name allows you to download Starbucks stores and drinks with Taobao coupons and Lazada with Alibab.

Jack Ma, Alibaba Leader, is a bigger global world that has done so much "nnepet" for the time being, but this has not been successful. Last year – Until now, the United States, Hong Kong and Russia were the main distributors. Clflds used to buy mobile phones and clothes.

Akr 1 millird can also be packed in singing dayForrs: AFP / Str

However, the Lions will be pressed hard, not just for Vmhbor. US President Donald Trump has announced that they will be released from a deal that offers Kenya companies a package deal in the United States.

Despite this, there are still some records at the moment because Alibaba has been more serious than ever. They say they have to complete a 1-millisecond package so they are the first fully robotized warehouse in the world, with 700 robots trying to make sure Sniper's day always comes.

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