Tuesday , April 20 2021

5 Security Men, driver injured in the explosion world Maoists In Chhattisgarh's Bijapur

Maoists start an explosive device or IED at Chhattisgarhi in Bijapur, police said.


Five security personnel and driver were injured in the explosion of the mahale Chhattisgarh in Bijapur today. Mao departed an explosive device or IED truck at about 9am, the police said. Bijapur had 18 constituencies voting in the first phase of the Chhattisgarh assembly election on Monday. The Voters were not close to the event.

"Four of the Border Guard (BSF), 414th battalion, DRG, and the civilian who drove the vehicle, suffered injuries in an improvised explosion device (IED)," Sundarraj P, Chhattisgarh's anti-Naxal police officer.

The reinforcement teams were sent to the explosion site. All the injured were taken to the hospital in Bijapur and are in danger. If needed, they would be brought to Chhattisgarh's capital Raipur, which is 450 kilometers away.

On Monday, two people were injured by the Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA), which were fought between the security forces and the Maoists in Bijapur. On Sunday, an armed tournament took place between the security forces and the Maoists in the city. The individualized maoist body was recovered. Another Maoist was arrested. The exchange of fires had taken place in forests when the group of special groups had overthrown anti-Maoist activity.

Despite Maoist's boycott, Chhattisgarh recorded more than 76% of voting time at the first voting stage. The second phase will be held on 20 November and the votes will be counted on 11 December.

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