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Alia Bhatt returns to Mumbai when she participates in KIFF, calling at the airport – photos inside understands that your privacy is important to you and we are committed to transparency in the techniques we use. This cookie policy tells you how and why cookies and other similar techniques can be stored and used on your device when you use or visit websites that submit a link to this policy (collectively "sites"). This cookie policy must be read in conjunction with our privacy policy.

By continuing to browse or use your sites, you agree to be able to store and use cookies and other tracking targets in accordance with this policy.

What are cookies and other tracking technologies?

A cookie is a small text file that can be saved and used when you visit one of our sites to the extent that you agree. Other tracking codes work just like with cookies and put small data files on your device or monitor your website's activity so we can gather information about how to use your site. This allows our sites to identify devices from sites on other users' sites. The following information about cookies also applies to these other monitoring items.

How are websites using cookies and other tracking targets? uses cookies and other techniques to store information on your browser or mobile phone, tablet, computer, or other devices (collectively "devices") that allow us to save and receive certain information whenever you use or use our – with applications and sites. Such cookies and other techniques will help us identify you and your interests, remember your liking and follow the use of We also use cookies and other tracking methods to manage the content of specific pages, protect sites, and process the requests you provide us.
We also use cookies and maintenance of websites for research purposes, also has an arrangement with a third-party service providers, so that we can track and analyze statistical data and volyymitietojasi site users. These third-party service providers use permanent cookies to help us improve the user experience, manage the content of your page and analyze how users navigate and use the web sites.

The first and third party cookies

First-party cookies

These are the cookies that belong to us and which we set for your device or those that are set up on a website that the user visits at that time (e.g., cookies set by

Third-party cookies

Some of the features used on this site may contain third party to send a cookie to your computer. For example, if you are watching or listening to any of the embedded audio or video content, you may send cookies from a site where the embedded content is Hosted. Likewise, if you share content on this website through social networks (for example, by clicking the "like" button or "Tweet" button on Facebook), these sites may be sending cookies. We do not control the settings for these cookies, so check the third-party sites for cookies and their management.

Permanent cookies
We use permanent cookies to improve our experience of using sites. This means that you sign up to accept our cookie policy by deleting the cookie notification that appears for the first time on our site.
Session cookies
Session cookies are temporary and will be removed from your computer when your web browser closes. We use session cookies so that we can monitor the use of the Internet as described above.
You can refuse to accept browser cookies by activating the appropriate setting for your browser. However, if you choose this setting, you may not be able to access certain parts of the site. Unless your browser settings have been changed so that it refuses to use cookies, the system will check whether cookies can be stored in your browser's web sites.
Data collected through sites and / or cookies that are stored in the database are not considered longer than required to achieve the above-mentioned goals. In any case, such information will be stored in our database until we explicitly authorize the deletion of all stored cookies.

We classify cookies as follows:

Essential cookies

These cookies are important on our site so you can navigate around it and use its features. Without these essential cookies, we may not be able to provide certain services or features, and our websites are not as smooth as you like. For example, cookies allow you to recognize that you have created an account and signed in / out to access the content of the site. They also include cookies that allow us to remember past activities at the same browsing session and to protect our sites.

Analytical / high performance cookies

These cookies are used by us or by third party service providers to analyze how sites are used and how they work. For example, these cookies will track what content most are visiting, your viewing history, and where your visitors come from. If you subscribe to a newsletter or other Registered Sites, these cookies may be in contact with you.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies allow us to access sites according to your choices. Thanks to these cookies, we can "remember you" on the go. For example, we recognize your username and remember how to customize your sites and services, for example, by adjusting the text size, fonts, languages, and other web page components that are customizable and provide you the same customizations for future visits.

advertising Leaves

These cookies gather information about the performance of your site and other sites to provide the intended advertising. We also allow third-party service providers use cookies on their sites to the same above-described purpose, such as to collect information verkkoaktiviteeteistasi over time and across different websites. These cookies are producing a third-party service providers, such as social media platforms, has its own privacy policy and may use cookies to target ads on other websites based on the site visit.

How do I decline or decline my consent to use cookies?

If you do not want cookies to drop on your device, you can adjust the Internet browser setting to reject all or some cookie settings and notify you when a cookie is placed on your device. For more information on how to do it, see your browser's cookie settings w.r.t in your browser's browser / "tool" or "edit" section, which may be Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
Please note that if your browser settings are already set to prevent all cookies (including absolutely essential cookies), you may not be able to access or access all of our sites or parts or features.
To delete previously saved cookies, you can manually delete cookies at any time from your browser settings. However, this does not prevent sites from setting up new cookies on your device unless you adjust before configuring the Internet browser as described above.
For more information about developing user profiles and using targeting / flyers, visit if you are in Europe or if in the US.

Contact us

If you have any other questions about our cookie, please contact us at:
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