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Dengue cases will rise to 1.875 in Delhi – Business News

Twitter logo PTI Last update: 12 November 2018. | 20:30 IST

New Delhi, November 12 (PTI) Nearly 280 new dengue reports have been reported in the national capital during the last week, with a total of 1,875 diagnosis related to vector related diseases this season, the joint municipal government said on Monday. According to the report, this year there has been one death this year until November 10. At least 1 114 cases were reported only in October. The report also states 450 malaria and 141 cases of Chikungunya. Of the 1.875 dengue cases this year, 374 were announced in September, August 58, July, July, 8 June, 10 May, April 2, March, February 3 and January. Two malaria were announced in February, one in April and March, May 17, June 25, July 42, August 82, September 138, and October 130, according to South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC). describes the disease vector related disease in the city. Doctors have advised people to take precautions to ensure that there are no mosquitoes inside the homes, and also urged people to use the perfect sleeves and use mosquito nets at home while sleeping. Water coolers should be dried when they are not used in dengue infection, where the mosquito is grown a lot, the doctor said. Vascular-related cases are usually reported in July-November, but the period may extend to mid-December. The report found that zootechnical inspectors found mosquito breeding in the city 2, 25 593 households in town until 10 November, and 1.80321 legal remarks were uncovered for various offenses and "25,570 prosecutions". As a proactive measure, Lieutenant Governor Lieutenant Anil Baijal was a few months ago directed local bodies and other agencies to boost vector regulation. He also had regular meetings with district-level judges with all stakeholders to look at the situation in their own area. According to the SDMC, last year dozens of people were killed by Delhi denguas, five of whom were not national residents. All in all, the disease infecting the vector had affected the city last year to 9,271 people. PTI PLB PLB KJ KJ

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