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In India, a child growing up in the late 90's, television enthusiasm was inevitable. My favorite channel grew naturally from the Cartoon Network. Among all the characters that appeared on this channel was a teenager who had to balance her school, homework and Spider-Man's leading secret life. Aerosmith's new-age guitar therapy for the classic Spider-Man theme game, when he fought with Sinister Six, is still alive in my memory. Shortly thereafter, I met at Spider-Man's local library, which was perched under a comic strip like Batman, Tintin and Asterix. I picked up the problem and it was one of the key factors in my literacy.

Little I know that Spider-Man's creator Stan Lee predicted this result in 1977. "Children are more visually oriented with television programs and parents have problems, the comics are very small when the children begin to read, and when they read the comics and keep it, they we are doing the word "proselytize" or "misantropic" or "cataclysmic", we do. "Children learn what these are, but they are not the only ones in the Marvel comics. words signify their use through a sentence or dictionaries. "

Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel Comics, as we know today, died on Monday at the age of 95. Born on September 28, 1922, Lee was a voracious reader and he had loved Shakespeare and Sherlock as much. From the beginning, he wanted to be a writer. His first job was in the newspaper business, which hired him to make brethren to dead people. Although Stan saw the irony situation in this situation (much of this kind of humor would be continued to fill his writings), he would not stay on. He wanted to try acting, but decided he did not have the money. So he took a temporary job at Timely Comic who paid him $ 8-10 a week to fill in ink cartridges, sweep pencils, and get hungry workers to their food. When Simon and Kirby (Captain America's creators) left for the payment, Stan Lee became a temporary reporter for the magazine. He then remained an artistic director and editor until 1972 and the cartoon industry is better.

The cartoon era came to an end soon after World War II, and the industry began to kill in the 50s until DC recalled Flash in 1956 and subsequently met the All Star team in the Justice League of America.


Timely Comics wanted a response and asked Stan Lee to come up with his own superhero team. When Jack Kirby worked a few years earlier, he created The Fantastic Four in November 1961. These were the four characters without a disguised superhero identity, the conductors (Mr.Fantastic and Invisible Girl) were in love with Torch was a teenager who wanted more money for his work and The Thing, an ugly stone structure, wanted a spotlight. With Jack Kirby's stunning work that made these characters jump out of the screen, the cartoon was a roaring success.

He accelerated, he continues to create other iconic images that work alongside Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Bill Everett, John Romita, and John Buscema. They were The Incredible Hulk (Marvel's first TV series 1978 in Lou Ferrigno), The Mighty Thor and Asgard (a huge influence on George RR Martin who credits Marvel for his ASOIAF series), Black Panther (the first African-American hero of the mainstream Daredevil (a person who would be solely responsible for DC's revitalization of Batman in the 80's), Doctor Strange (whose work was influenced by many cartoonists in DC and Marvel in the coming years), X-Men (the second largest myth of Marvel, through which Stan talks about race and excitement) and, of course, Spider-Man ("Everyone hates teenagers and I felt like a hero out of one").

Lee and his team at Marvel guided comic books to Silver Age courses, and at their peak they would prepare two books a week. They were able to do this, thanks to Marvel Method – Lee created the ideas of the story, put the synopsis and handed it to artists who would pull the comic out leaving Lee blank for writing a story and dialogue. This method, which was very successful for the company, led to the artists having changed and left the company. But nothing could stop the pun intended and Lee as a publisher in 1972, he promoted comics on various platforms and brought him the credibility he had earned from the comic books deservedly deserved.

Lee's favorite character was Silver Surfer. There have been rumors that Marvel has an unpublished rule that no one ever writes a character except Stan Lee. Through this pacifist he wrote some of the deepest philosophical quotations. One such quote defined Stan Lee's life and career – "Let me fail … as you have ever tried!"

For a man who made a career in his camel, I know that another quote that came out of him in Spider-Man 3 (2007) is more sensible. He tells Peter Parker, "You know that one person can really make a difference." Indeed, Stan. Excelsior!

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