Head of Tata Steel subsidiary Arindam Pal died in Faridabad Former employee: police


Arindam Pal, the victim, was shot five times close by.


The top management of Tata Steel Processing and Distribution Oy was shot dead in Faridabad's warehouse this afternoon, allegedly a former employee. Managing Director of the Tata Steel warehouse Arindam Pal was launched five times close.

The accused, a former employee who had been laid off in August, came to Bata Chowk's warehouse, about 10 kilometers from the city's border to New Delhi, claiming to count their final payments.

"The accused Vishwash Pandey arrived directly to Arindam Pal's cabin and shot him five times," the police said.

Vishwash Pandey, 32, escaped from the back door of Tata Steel's subsidiary Tata Steel Processing and Distribution Ltd's subsidiary Tata Steel.

Arindam Pal rushed to the local hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

"When he was shot, he was taken to the hospital by his colleagues, and he died in his hospital," the police said.

"After the first check, the doctor said he was shot five times, but the details are clear after the post-mortem examination," he added.

Tata Steel's statement says Palin is leaving his wife, parents, and daughters.

"The local police are investigating a law and order event and sending the FIR. The company expresses its condolences to Palin's family and extends all possible support and assistance to the family at this time of crisis," said the statement.


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