Sunday , April 11 2021

Interstellar Object: Alien Probe or Herald of Nibiru?

I looked, and behold, the stormy wind blew from the north – a huge cloud and a flashing fire surrounded by radiation; and in the midst of it, in the midst of fire, the glow of yellow. There were also four creatures in its center. And this was their appearance. They had human chapters. Ezekiel 1: 4 (The Israel Bible ™)

Harvard scientists have received an astonishing explanation of the strange behavior of the first interstellar object through our solar system, suggesting that it was an experiment sent by an alien civilization. Israeli Nibiru expert suggests a different cause, but at the same time gives an astonishing explanation that connects guests with paranormal activity.

A relatively small object (cosmic standards), about 700 meters long and only 100 feet, Oumuamua was discovered in October 2017. At that time it was 21 million globe and on the way about 196,000 mph. It moved so fast in relation to the sun that scientists said that our solar system had no chance.

The comets and asteroids within our solar system move slower, typically averaging 12 miles per second compared to Oumuamua's slower 54 kilometers per second. This made it the first real object that came into our solar system, which came from a completely different one. It came from the Lyra system, but the origins of the Oumuamua system and the amount of time it traveled among the stars are unknown.

Oumuamua leaves the solar system and will not come back. It runs in the direction of the Pegasus stellar pattern and runs on the Neptune's orbit in about four years, covering one light year (5,000 billion miles) over the next 11,000 years.

The name chosen by scientists indicates the strong significance of this finding. The name comes from the Hawaiian word for scaling. Before the official name was terminated, the name "Rama" was proposed, the name given to an alien spacecraft found under similar circumstances in 1973 as a science fiction novel Rendezvous with Ramin Arthur C. Clarke.

Several aspects of Ovoramua embarrassed by scientists. Scientists check Oumuamua for radio broadcasts but still do not find anything. Comets in our solar system produce long paths of dust and gas as they approach the sun, but "Oumuamua did not, which led observers to consider defining it as an asteroid, and when it went through the inner solar system last year, it got an unexpected speed.

"The exact measurements of our Oumuamua station revealed that it affected its circulation other than the gravity of the Sun and the planets," he said Marco Micheli European Space Agency Group, which follows the subject.

Avi Loeb, chair of the Astronomy Department at Harvard University, stressed the importance of this misuse.

"It looks very different from objects found in the solar system," Loeb said CBS News. "It seemed to be an extra force that pushes it, and it is not clear what this is."

In the future, he and his colleague Shmuel Bialy will propose "more exotic scenarios".

"Oumuama could be an active part of the anti-aliasing technology that came to see our solar system in the same way that we hope to explore Alpha Centauri with Starshot and other similar technologies," the researchers write earlier in this month's article. "The alternative is to imagine that Oumuama was in the intelligence service."

"Oomama may be a fully functioning probe that is deliberately transmitted to the globe via foreign civilizations," they write. According to their calculations, Oumuamua is less than a millimeter thin, but broad as a sail that uses solar radiation in itself.

Prior to his death in March, Professor Stephen Hawking suggested that if an interstellar probe were visible in the solar system, it would probably have been shaped by Oumuamua.

"Scientists working on long distance space transport have previously suggested that the shape of a cigar or needle is the most likely architecture for an interstellar spacecraft, as this will minimize friction and damage to interstellar gas and dust," Hawking wrote.

Yuval Ovadia, whose videos are Nibiru have gathered hundreds of thousands of views related to these astronomical phenomena according to what is written classical Jewish sources.

"Of course, there are lives on other planets," Ovadia said Israeli news unequivocally. According to Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism, Hashem (God, literally "the name") created other worlds before this.) Scientists have a problem that they admit that such a possibility exists, but whenever someone suggests that it is Yes, they did mark them as "crazy". ' "

Ovadia suggested another possible source for Oumuamua: an interstellar star described in Zohari, the basis of Jewish mysticism.

"Zohar describes a a huge star who comes from our distant system in our solar system, "Ovadia said." It follows seven other stars. It is clear that if so many great objects come from a solar system, they are preceded by a wave, and the rocks are pushed forward as it passes. "

Ovadia emphasized that the question of the existence of foreigners was negligible.

"Our purpose in this world is to serve God and bring Geula (redemption)," Ovadia said. "Although Jewish sources point to the possibility, there is no Jewish source that tells us that aliens are part of God's plan because it is related to us."

Ovadia also suggested that a terrestrial visit might be a misunderstanding.

"The Talmud often describes the interaction between people shedim (demons), "he said." Talmud says demons love us crazy. It's entertainment for them. Many people may think that they have seen aliens from other planets, but what they really saw were demons taking a different shape. "

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