Friday , February 26 2021

Man Utd news: Gary Neville does not agree with Paul Scholes on the celebration of Jose Mourinho

Gary Neville has defended Jose Mourinho's controversial feast (Photo: Getty)

Gary Neville says he "loved" Jose Mourinho's celebrations when Manchester United won the Juventus Champions League.

Juve defeated Red Devils 1-0 at Old Trafford and led the home of last week Cristiano Ronaldo after the fabulous first half-car.

However, Manchester United made a dramatic pass over the bar by Juan Mata after a free kick.

After the game, Mourinho walked to the field and hatched his ear to the Juventus fans who had taken him throughout the match.

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Manchester United legend Paul Scholes accused Mourinho of having no rank after winning, but Neville praised the leader's "passionate" reaction.

He told Sky Sports: "Some may perhaps like it, but I love him.

"I think there should be a reaction and a passion at the end of the match. I even like his reaction at the end of Newcastle's opponent game.

"For me Josee's best qualities were always that he was impossible when he was losing and impossible when he won and it was always fascinating to watch and he always brought everyone along the line.

Mourinho teased Juventus fans after winning the Champions League (Photo: Getty)

"When I think of him with the Juventus game and some buses he came out a few weeks ago and before the Newcastle game, this is a huge difference.

"He hung up there and showed determination."

Manchester United made the start of the season but Mourinho has begun to turn things around at Old Trafford, playing Newcastle, Everton, Bournemouth and Juve and pulling Chelsea over the past few weeks.

"It had come close, it felt like something happened and the world collapsed in the team, club, leader and felt that change would change," added Neville.

"I think the Chelsea game was big. Even if you could refer to Newcastle, which was huge, almost winning Stamford Bridge has given players confidence.

"Since then, they have grown and grown, it has not been at incredible levels of performance, but with true stamina and determination.

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"People suggested that players were not with Manager a month ago. I never bought it.

"You will not have to win home or show determination, unless players are in the fight to the end.

"Although everything may not be perfect and there may be one or two questions that have crushed Jose and the players, I think players in the field usually look like fighting shirts, badges and coaches.

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