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Nick Jonas has her own son before the wedding with Priyanka Chopra. Look at the pictures. | bollywood

It is officially the wedding season in Bollywood. As we prepare to test the Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh wedding anniversaries on November 14 and 15, another couple is getting ready to marry. We talk about Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas's wedding in December. And we talk about preschool tasks, we've all seen how much fun Priyanka has been for his girl-gang. Nick had made pictures of his own bachelor party and he seemed happy.

When sending a picture where he could be seen in the seaman's outfit, he wrote: "The weekend of the Bachelor Party is officially running people ???? @elek_vodka #distinguishedbytaste #lightupthenight #topshelfspirits #makeitelit." When a drink is in the hand when he is on the deck and the blue sea Behind it, it's clear he has fun.

He sent another picture, this time in the evening where he was dressed in formal, and wrote: "Keep it in style." From a camera he has a cigar in his hand.

One day before the bachelor party, Nick had sent another picture, but this was for his gifted caretakers. It looks like Nick has decided on the Lime brand's gift shops for his son's gang. He describes: "I was looking for a fun way for my mice to be mobile and ready to roll – so I used to play lover @ limebik in some hel … #groomsmengift #CitrusGotReal." Written for them are the names of his brother – Frankie, Joe and Kevin – and Priyankan's younger brother Siddharth.

Priyanka has naturally been on a roller coaster ride with the girl. Everything started with her bridal shower in New York at the end of October, followed by the bachelorette party in Amsterdam and then by the pajama party.

Although no one has confirmed their wedding location, speculation is full that the couple is getting married in the impressive Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur on December 2.

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First published: 11.11.2018 10:43 IST

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