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Rafale price information is given to the highest court, govt says the rules to follow in india news

The Indian government revealed on Monday the Supreme Court's sealed cover price detail on the controversial agreement to buy a 36 Rafale jet aircraft in France and also to divide the petitioners into question a modified version of the report last month to the Supreme Court explaining the decision-making process that resulted in the acquisition.

A recognized civil servant confirmed that the government had "given all the details of the pricing of Rafale jets in court, as it was considered that prices could be disclosed to judges of the Supreme Court".

It is unclear whether the price of the basic aircraft will be disclosed without the use of weapons and specific improvements in India or the costs of fully charged Indian production.

The group of Indian negotiators who set up to buy 36 Rafale fighters was given a better price cut and maintenance price compared to the previous Dassault Aviation bid for a decision-making report, adding that it did not mention a private house when it became an offset part of the deal.

The reference to compensation, the experts said, only demonstrates that Dassault may not have given all the details of what the offset partnerships have done, which it has to do until October 2019.

Dassault strengthens Dassault's Indian offset partners and products at the time of discovery.

The announcement of price information is the order of the Supreme Court of 31 October, stating: "The court would also like to know the details of the pricing or the costs and, in particular, of its benefits, if any, in a sealed envelope."

The court has issued this provision in response to petitions of public interest requesting a court-supervised probe to buy a jet.

Up until now, the government has opposed the courts of companies that ask price information for jet aircraft. Indian Prime Minister KK Venugopal went even to the extent that he informed the court that Pricing information was protected under the official Secrets Act in 1923. So far, the government has only divided the price data of only 670 crore base model Rajyan Sabha.

The case will be discussed on Wednesday, 14 November.

With the Petitions Committee and the decision-making process available with Hindustan Times, the government has defended the purchase and said that all processes were followed.

In defense of national security, the government stated in its report that the opponents of India took over 400 modern aircraft over the years 2010-2015 and improved their old designs. "They did not just awaken the fourth-generation aircraft, but also throw the fifth generation of thieving fighters. There was an urgent need to arrest the IAF's fighting flurry and strengthen combat equipment."

The INT board was headed by Air Secretary, Deputy Secretary for Air Secretary, Air, Defense Offset Management Wing, Joint Secretary and Vice President of the Air Force. auxiliary Economic Adviser (Air), Adviser (Air) Personnel (Plans). "

It added that 74 meetings were held during the negotiations, including 48 internal INT meetings and 26 INT meetings outside France. "

The purchases were made through an intergovernmental agreement, and "from approximately 7.45 lakh crore contracts starting from 2002, IGAs account for 40% of purchases", a public document was mentioned.

Addressing the criticism of a suppressor partner, the document stated that "when the offset obligations of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and its Tier-1 sellers off the Indian offset partners do not apply to the private Indian Business House".

The government's decision to make a $ 8.7 billion government agreement with France to buy 36 Rafale war pockets Dassault announced in April 2015 and signed the contract just over a year later.

This replaced the former United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government's decision to purchase 126 Rafale aircraft, of which 108 are manufactured in India via state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL).

The deal has contradicted the leading opposition in the Congress by claiming that the price at which India purchases Rafale aircraft is now ₹ 1,670 crorea, three times ₹ 526 crorea, the company's original bid when UPA had tried to buy an airplane. It has also argued that the previous agreement had a technology transfer agreement with HAL.

The UPA agreement, which hit in 2012, was not viable, former Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar had previously said. The NDA has said that the current agreement also includes customized weapons.

Trade is also controversial because of the joint venture between Anil Amban's Reliance Defense and Dassault, which affects trade-offs.

First published: 12.11.2018 23:27 IST

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