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Review of Telang Viewers' Sarkar Movie Review and Review of Live Updates, AR Murugadoss, Vijay, Keerthy Suresh, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Vijay Sarkari

Thalapathy in Vijay Sarkar.PR Handout

Director of AR Murugadoss's film Sarkar, featured by Vijay, Keerthy Suresh, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Yogi Babu and Radha Ravi have received an overall rating and overall rating.

Sarkar is an action drama and AR Murugadoss is co-wrote manuscripts and dialogues with the movie Jeyamohan. The movie has been produced by Kalanithi Mara's banner Sun Pictures. Leffa has obtained a U / A certificate from the censor plate and has a working life of 2.43 hours.

Sarkar-filmmaker: The film deals with Sundaria, who is a successful NRI CEO who returns to India for voting in the election. He fights back and gets the election canceled when he finds that his voice has already been used. Politicians develop hostility and join politics to compete in the election. Whether he succeeded in the struggle against establishment, it is the end of the story.

analysis: AR Murugadoss has chosen a political story for Sarkar, but has defeated it in its implementation. The first half is a very entertaining hospital scene and a couple of fight sequences. But the second half is a big disappointment because it suffers from a slow-hearted story, says the Telugu audience.

Presentation: As usual, Vijay has delivered great performance, which is the highlight of Sarkar. Because an anthemist Varalaxmi rocks an exhibition. Keerthy Suresh does not have much chances to act, but he impressed you with his glamor and chemistry with Vijay. Others have also done good jobs, say the crowd.

Specifications: Sarkar has excellent production values ​​and AR Rahman's back points, picture galleries, piercing dialogs, and choreography are the technical front attractions, more viewers.

Updates to Sarkar Film Festival: We'll bring you some Telugu viewers' responses on a shared movie on Twitter. Continue to see audience tweets.

Sharat @ sherry1111111

People in the first half. The two songs and scenes, including Keerth and Yogi, are all good. The core of the votes is well-established. The battle in the first half is .ARR is terrible with the songs. Pre-spacing and interval ends high. Battles are a celebration for fans #Sarkar court scene, first battle, hospital scene and intervals are high scores in the first half #Sarkar All the trouble that puts the first half of the wasted predictable and illogical side to prevent 4-5 scenes. In the top scene and it is pure Muruga paithyam♂️. It can be inferred from the presence of Avaya and his screen due to the avg-avg below. Except for him, nothing is tempting #Sarkar

Suresh Kondi @ V6_Suresh

Gorgeous front side .. #ThalapathyVijay MASS. Great heights. Flyover battle, Party office balls are a feast for fans .. "Waiting" for the second half. #Sarkar the other half has fallen .. firmly #Vijay fans .. the whole average price .. # Sarkar

Raghava @ Raghava4mahesh

#Sarkar: Murugadoss has written to the masses an excellent treatment for the first half of Battles, background score excellent @actorvijay #Sarkar: political drama returns the ballot to the general election, within 15 days, the hospital scene, two fights very good @arrahman background became very presence Interval screen and one liner Thalapathy reason entertainer Less than average 2nd half Murugadoss weak manuscript political action thriller #Sarkar #Sarkar movie in my grade 2.5 / 5 Sarkar is in Vijay's political messaging with mass components Sarkar is at Vijay's show every time he brought the movie's shoulders with his strong dialogues and good performance @arrahman's background score is a significant plus, #Sarkar: Ram-Laxman fights excellently, Manuscript in the second half feels totally weak wild figures, Keerthy Suresh looks good, but his character is disappointed by the fans he does not have much to do with the story. Barking, Vettaikaran, Sarkar second half message is failing these days @ actorvijay average movies turned to the highest grossers but Sarkar no chance movie would have to steal which ruptured fans did not crowd this time. See Thalapathy's political insight for the first step!

Aakash Reddy @ Aakash_Reddy94

#SARKAR: Hoped for the first half of the second half. Kathleen and Mersal were made socially and the speeches made sense, but here it is a kind of Vijay's political campaign. Campaigning must be done from outside in the movies. Currently @arrahman did not give atleast as good songs as it should have understood how the movie will be. #SARKAR for me is a big disappointment. Murugappa pays for #Spyder. @ARMurugadoss

APHerald @ apherald

#Sarkar – The first half – definitely not where Thupakki or Kaththi. Routine Political drama, like recent releases. Vijay burns, fights, dancing songs. Hope Sundar Pichai did not write a blast. Keerthy Suresh zero value. Varalaxmi speaks on the phone. Well average #SARKAR Review – Dear AR Murugadoss this happens when food is fed from a stolen recipe. Spyder now looks like a classic. W O R S T

Sushanth Nallapareddy @ sushanthreddy

Movie ayipoindhi anukunna …. kaadhu. Interval #Sarkar In addition to having the daughter set up for the first 20 tracks (forgiving the awful first song), all in this movie, Vijay ARR and Manuscript are so high that the movie does not even give you a peaceful day … #Sarkar is a catastrophic mess! !!

MaheshBabu Devotee @Jai_MaheshBabu

#Sharp the other side – Top Tucker. #ThalapathyVijay fully owns the movie with a strong dialogue. @ARMurugadoss package the film necessary political information. Oru Viral Puratchi is the movie @arrahman's soul

KESAV REDDY @reddykesava

Cmplt not commercial form lo elthundhi unusual fr this combination #sarkar prfct bb piste pattaadu but implementation slow ga undhi chudaali interval bang hospital scene …. class core issues chaala baaga raise chesaadu complete setup fr second side #sarkar so far songs and keerthy suresh big block cnma ki papa Entrance to India #sarkar second half especially last 30 min esesaadu routine rotha get up #sarkar common average fr nuetrals

arunprasad @ Cinephile05

#Sarkar 1st Half – Over Average Good (Nowhere near #Thuppaki & In #Kaththi feelings work well) Here seems to be forced … Simple ah sollanum na #Vijay Political campaign starts (Padathula Sonnen) #Sarkar 1st Half Driver scene / Battle scenes / hospital scene Dept / and last party office Vijay mansyth / Dialogue / Fighting ellame sernthu given a good Interval block #RamLaxman #Sarkar 1st half – Simple, good hard strike Dialogues, current political events … As Usual #Vijay results .. . #RamLaxman fights Andhar Mass Songs Ok … TopTucker theme song BG – TopTucker very used, not much Interval Block – Hattrick Dialogue

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