Tuesday , January 19 2021

Telangana Elections 2018: Meet the KCR songwriter

A fighter known to be a leading publicist, a politician who is able to get better opposition and lyric – a combination that is rarely seen in politics.

President K. Chandrashekar Rao, chairman of Telangana, when he broke into the opposition when he dismissed the General Assembly nine months before his term expired, writes songs to his party's Telangana Rashtra Summit election campaign.

Mr. Rao, whose literary skills are known from the Telangana people, now gives shape to six pieces.

He has written two of them and edited other writers Suddala Ashok Teja, Mattepalli Surender and Goreti Venkanna.

One of the tracks goes to "Maaru Peru KCRu Model Gelichi Raavali Manasugalla Sarkaru (He is the simplicity of humanism and the ruling government of the heart is going to come back). "" In fact, the Prime Minister has made changes to other writers' lyrics in some places that make the song more meaningful and related to plans that he initiates, "says Secretary General of TRS Palla Rajeshwar Reddy.

Pet Programs

The rumors cover a number of Mr Rosan's pet programs such as pensions, Mission Bhageerata, Kalyana Lakshmi, to excite in a differently accepted KCR series in hospitals and irrigation projects.

He creates the image that he is the eldest son of the family by targeting women and as head of the house in the message of young people.

Mr. Rao has himself suggested how to play songs to keep people in mind. Songs in audio and video format are the most important weapons in his election campaign.

During the troubled Telangana, Mr. Rao had written words emphasizing how Telangana was "robbed" and "deliberately neglected".

One of his songs, Garadi Chestundru, Gadibidi Chestundru, Tondiki Digutundru, Hey Mondiki Potundru …, was used in the film Jai Bolo Telangana which hit the tip of the Telangana movement.

Union Minister Smriti Iran was one of the most important roles in the film, in which the popular actress Jagapati Babu played an important role.

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