Wednesday , June 16 2021

Virat Kohli tells the fan to leave India, because she likes foreign cats more! This was not expected of Him

Virat Kohli is sure to catch up with us here. Similarly, in his comments to fans, he called one fan to say that he enjoyed watching foreign beats more than in India.

Kohli actually suggested that the fan should leave the ground! No, that's not a joke.

Virli Kohli needs to think before speaking


"He's over-rated strikers, there's nothing special about the beat, but I enjoy the British and Australian batsman watching more than these Indians," wrote the fan.

"I do not think you should live in India, live elsewhere, why do you live in our country and love other countries?" Kohli replied.

"I do not care that you do not like me, I should not live in our country and the rest of us." The priority items are sorted, he added.

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    Of course, Kohli is the world's best bachelor and does not like him as a reason. But this reaction is surprising to our master. After all, the fan is justified in his statement, and it is possible that someone can beat other countries. Perhaps Kohl's purpose was to remind us of the support of the group, but perhaps slightly exceeded. The captain is not rough words, and he's pretty much giving it to fans. Thus, the people responded to his statement:

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