Friday , February 26 2021

10 sector share declined, JCI raised 42 points, Jakarta – The motion of the composite price index (CSPI) moves in the red zone above this weekend. 10 storage sectors were pressurized to weaken JCI.

On Friday (11 September 2018), JCI dropped 42 points to 5,934. Jats' opening ceremony 09.01 JATS dropped 59.22 points or 0.99 percent to 5 917.49. The LQ45 share index fell 1.41 percent to 941.12. All compact benchmarks fell.

A total of 139 shares declined, leading to JCI. 55 shares rose and 104 were outstanding. At the first meeting, JCI was at its highest of 5,936.03 and less than 5,910,12.

The total turnover of the share trading is approximately 25,035 times, and the number of trades is 792.2 million shares. The daily value of the share trading is 743.7 billion rubles. Foreign investors buy shares of 39.46 billion rubles in the ordinary market. The huge US dollar against the Rupe is 14,619.

10 compact storage sectors have declined. The consumer goods sector fell 2.75 percent and declined the largest decline. The manufacturing stock industry followed 1.81 per cent and the infrastructure stock shrank by 1.37 per cent.

Among other things, the shares rose, the shares of the DEAL rose to 69.33 percent of Rp 254, the TIRA shares rose by 26.67 percent to 190 million rubles and the shares of ABMM increased by 7.01 percent to 2.290 rubles per share.

Although depressed shares were MBTO's shares declined by 24.19 percent to Rp 94 per share, TMPO shares fell by 14.75 percent to 156 million per share and DIGI shares fell 6.38 percent to Rp per 1 100 shares. ,

The index of the benchmark index of the benchmark index was exerted on the Asian stock exchanges. Hong Kong's Hang Seng stock index fell 1.84 percent and declined the largest decline.

As a result, South Korea's Kospi stock index fell 0.39 percent, the Japanese stock price Nikkei fell 0.86 percent, the Shanghai equity index fell 0.94 percent, the Singapore stock index fell 0.92 percent, and the Taiwan Stock Index fell 1.17 percent.

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