Monday , April 12 2021

3 Things to Make Realme Black Horse on Miracle Makers a Month – VIVA

VIVA – When calling the three versions of smart phones, Realme got a huge boost from smartphones' fans in the country. Proof of the sale of more than 80,000 Realme Smartphones per month.

The same success as Realme experienced may not always follow the brands of other smartphones. New brands tend to compete with existing brands such as Samsung and Opa. Monthly achievements were considered miracles that made Realme called the dark horse in the smartphone market.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Quarterly Report, smartphone deliveries in Indonesia were able to reach 9.4 million units in the second quarter of 2018 by 22 percent more than in the previous quarter. There is a large number of calling on any smartphone brand that wants to expand its business to Indonesia.

At least there are three things that make Realme a dark horse capable of doing such a miracle within a month in Indonesia.

1. Create a new smartphone standard

Since the beginning, Realme has been committed to eliminating borders and setting new quality standards for the Indonesian smartphone industry. Realme defines it as a "Power meets style" style that always focuses on providing smartphones with the latest innovations, combining powerful performance and stylish designs with young people in Indonesia.

Realme is ready to explore a new area, break the boundaries and set new quality standards for the martfoni industry. The Chinese editor defines it as "Power meets style", which means powerful performance and trendy models that successfully inspire and attract millions of users.

2. Deep market research

By empowering in-depth research of incoming customers, young people around the world, Realme officially expanded its business to Indonesia. At present, smartphone users in Indonesia are dominated by millennials (15-35 years).

While young people all over the world have different wishes for a smartphone, they have the same requirements, namely smart phones with fast performance and sleek design, but they are reasonably priced.

Indonesian consumers, especially younger generations in Indonesia, are not easy to trust in the new smartphone. Realme focuses on providing smart phones that offer powerful performance and stylish designs for young people at affordable prices. Realme is planning a global market so that expanding its business to Indonesia will use the momentum for the global smartphone industry.

3. Supporting a strong local partner

Strong partnerships with local partners is one of the most important strategies for selling new brands, sold in all the first online shopping a month and sold over 40,000 units in 21 minutes at the National Online Shopping Day in Lazada, 11 November, showing that Realme has become Triple Champion Smartphone.

After Realme 2's first sale on October 16, Realme claims that Realme 2 products are the most satisfying smartphone 4.8 of Lazada.

There is still a long way to go when Realme is able to reach the fifth place in the country's smartphone market. But by implementing this strategy Realme can still do wonders for their products.

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