Wednesday , June 16 2021

AFF Cup 2018: Often, Andik remembers Singapore's strengths, Singapore- The Indonesian national team's lover, Andik Vermansah, is fully aware of the strength of the Singapore team in 2018 AFF Cup. Andik argues that team solidarity is one of Singapore's strengths in this area.

The Indonesian national team had to visit the Singapore headquarters for the first time at the B AFF 2018 Cup Group's Founding League on Friday (11 September 2018) at the National Stadium. Malaysian club Kedah FA played Andik claiming to be quite familiar with the number of Singapore players who were active in Malaysian league.

"I often deal with Singapore players playing in the Malaysian league, and the team in Singapore has not changed a lot and their strength is team cohesion, as they often play together," Andik told in Singapore.

"They have older players that are quite appreciated, and from the past we know that Singapore players are good," he added.

In addition, Andik talked about the new formulation of the AFF 2018 Concert Group, where each team has two home games and two absence during the group stage. Andik felt that no team was in a disadvantaged position or benefited from a new form.

"The new format is clearly impressive, the team has to really make use of the home side. Only now is not the country to host the AFF Cup, so all teams have the same opportunity," Andik says.


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