Babies need to be protected, pregnant women need HIV tests


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Health Minister Nila Djuwita F. Moeloek stressed that pregnant women should be given a human immunodeficiency test (HIV). The test is expected to detect a potential transmission from the mother to the baby age.

Nila said that the baby should be protected. He revealed that he had asked the Health and Health Services Department of the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) to carry out HIV checks on pregnant women so that they could not cope with the problems of the people's future children.

Nila reminded Indonesia of demographic bonuses in 2020-2035. At that time, the population structure was dominated by a productive age group.

"What happens if our children are affected by the illness that I think is life-long care," Nila said on Sunday (11/11) in honor of the National Health Day at Drugs Hospital (RSKO), Cibubur, Jakarta.

The government itself has demanded HIV testing for pregnant women from 2013 onwards. This activity is part of the transition from mother to child (PPIA).

In addition, Nila also requested that RSKO's role not only be treated but also encouraged preventive action through socialization. During this time free sex offenders, drug users and illegal drug abuse are vulnerable to HIV infections.

Inflammatory immune system syndrome (AIDS) HIV because the government continues to campaign about the dangers of free sex and drug use. The exposed HIV program has been given a program for antiretroviral medications (ARVs) to reduce the amount of virus and to increase the patient's immunity.

The major spread of HIV in the HIV virus

Anung Sugihantono, a health care ministry, said the government had emphasized the vulnerability of vulnerable groups such as drug users, commercial sex workers, pregnant women, and especially those of the same age. gay,

"Every time you find one HIV case, you see a connection (virus) and a community that is one unit," he said.

Each group is said to have a different approach. For example, a transmission to pregnant women for babies, officials also investigated the mother's and her partner's medical history and behavior.

Although for drug users, officials are looking at the consumption method. The syringe drug users are more susceptible to HIV-infected, even if the non-spray users can also get HIV if they affect behavior with respect to the free sex.

Tika Surya Atmaja's program manager (YPI) from the Pelisa Ilmu Foundation revealed that HIV testing programs for pregnant women can reduce the risk of HIV infection.

Tika said without interfering with the risk of infected infants from 25 to 45 percent. However, if it is early treated with mothers who use ARV and not breast-feeding, the chances of infants infected with HIV are reduced to less than 5%.

"By printing government programs and integrating healthcare services, all pregnant women feel that they have not had to undergo HIV tests because some of the research is intended for pregnant women," he said.

Since 1999, YPI has had a mentoring program for HIV / AIDS (PLWHA), including pregnant women who have had HIV. Tika said that most of the pregnant women who agreed were housewives who made their partner.

"If you are with YPI, most housewives are ill in good health with their spouse or husband," he said.

According to Tika, HIV patients who look healthy are at risk of infecting their partners because they do not know they have transmitted the virus to their body. (FRP / FEA)


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