Thursday , March 4 2021

Bonceng has expanded the web traffic application

Jakarta – Hi, traffic application online formally introduced today. This local application claims to be ready to enliven the quest for means of transport smartphone.

The founder and CEO of Bonceng Faiz Noufal said that this application and transport platform are different online others are people's privileges driver.

"Bonceng is free of any deductions or transaction fees driver. Drivers are sufficient to meet the requirements online for order. Every event, 100 percent, belongs driver,"Nouval said at a press conference, On Saturday (11/10).

Noufal said Bonceng also has a different price for other applications. When billed prices are not kilometers of passengers, but cluster prices based on travel distances that are grouped around rounded prices. From IDR 5000, IDR 10,000, IDR 15,000, IDR 20,000 and so on.

"We do not want to be trapped at the price of the previous price, to facilitate smooth trade," he explained

In addition, another distinguishing feature is that consumers can order picking services for the next seven days according to the desired time.

"Consumers can subscribe early for the desired hour, for example, if consumers want to go to their destination at 10.00 on WIB, consumers can subscribe a few hours before, so when time goes by, consumers do not have to be busy ordering and waiting for the pickup for quite a long time," he explained.

Bonceng also has a better service and security for consumers panic button clock icon when traveling. If something unexpected happens, the consumer presses the button and immediately connects to the police station, the ambulance service and contact your nearest relative.

Faiz added that his party began recruiting drivers on October 28 at the same time as a young whale's day. Following the opening of potential drivers, Bonceng already has over 2,000 drivers, both two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles ready to serve Jakarta residents.

"People of user, With Bonceng you can daily exercise daily. want download and install it in smartphone, he noted.


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