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Can you save electricity, how much does the solar panel cost?


JAKARTA, – The use of solar power plants (PLTS) on the roof of a house can save 30% of PLN electricity. This was stated by PT Xurya Daya Indonesia Chief Technology Officer Edwin Widjonarko.

This will certainly be quite attractive to the public or companies who want to save on PLN electricity billing without the need to sacrifice electricity. Because some electricity consumption can be delivered through the PLTS installed on the roof of the house or store.

What are the costs that must be used for the installation of roof heating plants?

"Of course it depends on how large solar panels are installed," Edwin said in Jakarta on Wednesday (6/20/2019).

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He said that the 1 kilowatt peak (kWp) of the Surya panels was 14 million IDR. If one house or shop installs 10 kWp solar panels, the price will rise to 140 million boxes.

The amount of 10 kWp solar panels is usually used for the production of electrical energy.

Although the use of solar panels for non-commercial houses would generally be less than 10 kWp, it may be necessary. In this way, costs are also cheaper.

"At the moment, for those who have installed the smallest, it is 7 or 8 kWp. Most of them are 250 kWp (in buildings or offices)," Edwin said.

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Still, do we consider the cost of solar panels expensive? Calm down because Xurya offers another option that is quite attractive, namely the start of a payment.

Does it mean free? Of course not. Because Xurya offers payment options for solar panels in a way distribution of profits,

Customers do not have to pay for a solar power plant on the roof at the outset, but they will be charged a fee for saving electricity when the solar panel is installed

"For example, the electricity bill originally was Rp 10 million, so we installed a solar-based solar power plant, a decrease in electricity of 4 million Rp. savings "IDR 6 million, we spend 90 percent of our savings," said Xurya Eka Himawan, founder.

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