Compare the number of viewers of Hanum Raisi and Ahok movies, Doni has even criticized Netizens: Logic is behind


Doni compares viewers in several Jakarta theaters.

The audience locations of Hanum & Ranggan Film Studios are full of greens.

Only a few red colorful chairs.

On the other hand, many seats in the movie studio A Man Called Ahok already red.

In some cinemas all chairs are marked in red.

When the photo was uploaded, Doni wrote the title: "The number of viewers (green) is much different * Emoji laughs. There is even an empty emoji * laugh,

Cuitan Doni
Cuitan Doni (Twitter / Donihendarto)

The downloads of Netizens were widely distributed and came immediately to the spotlight.

However, many Wargans really took Don's mistakes.

Apparently, Doni misunderstood the number of movie viewers.

Doni thinks that a green chair means it's sold, while the red color indicates that the chair is still empty.


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