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Dog Meat Stalls Closed, Traders is 7 Professional Change Days


KARANGANYAR, – Karanganyar Juliyatmonon Regent is committed to closing all dog meat stores. It offers the opportunity for dog sellers to change professions for a week.

During this socialization event, Juliyatmono handed the dog meat with the sellers at the medieval Karanganyar district office on Thursday (06/20/2019).

"I want the owners of the dog shop to change professions," he said.

"So I'll give them a week to think about changing professions. So on Friday next week nobody will sell dog meat."

Juliyatmono said the dogs were not cattle. Dogs can also mediate various diseases, one of which is rabies.

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It will make a capital injection of up to 5 million euros for the seller of the meat from the rest of the business.

In addition, he takes a personal approach to every vendor of dog meat to get more information about their condition.

"We give a capital injection of Rp 5 million and we personally touch on what the core issue is, so they can do better than their current profession," he explained.

Settings prohibiting the sale of dog meat

The dog is tied in his mouth and put a narrow sack before slaughter.Dog Meat Free Indonesia The dog is tied in his mouth and put a narrow sack before slaughter.

Juliyatmono said that for six months he would follow his efforts directly when he was no longer selling dog meat.

"We monitor success for six months, success comes out of the zone he has been involved in. And we continue to follow up to become successful people when they move into the professions.

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Juliyatmono claimed to prepare regional regulations (Perda). Not only regulates the ban on the sale of dog meat, but also the protection of all animals. From tracking these animals.

The purpose of the preparation is to protect all animals from illegal hunting by irresponsible persons.

Turn wedang round seller

Meaty, a pork seller, said Pino was ready to follow Regent Juliyatmono's direction to change professions. Plan to Pino sells wedang tour.

"Yes, later I sell wedang tours," he said.

He admitted that he had been selling culinary dogs for decades. During this time, he got the dog meat from the suppliers. The dog he bought 750,000 rubles.

"One dog usually runs out for two days. The benefits may reach 1.5 million Rp to 2 million Rp," he explained.

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Pino added that culinary buyers of meat from their stalls come mainly from outside the area and have on average marked.

"My clients are mostly East Java," he said.

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