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Final results and 2018 league leagues after the Persian victory 2-0 against Persia Tangerang

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Banda Aceh Persiranan vs Persita Tangerang's finish hosts won 2-0.

On Monday (5.11.2018) on Monday (5. 11. 2018) Husnuzhon two goals from the Republic of Indonesia took the Husnuzhon match 35 minutes and Fahrizal 58 minutes into the match at H Dimurthala, Banda Aceh.

Course Run:

In the first round Persiraja managed to perfectly beat the penalty kick.

The Lantak Laju team (Persian nickname) does not bring this golden opportunity.

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Husnuzho fired a white card kick.

As a result, the position changed from 1 to 35 minutes.

After another half-host Persiraja doubled his interest.

Fahrizal Dillah scored the goal of Persiraja, which was headed by a free kick.

The ball left the field for Persita Tangerang for 58 minutes. The game finished 2-0.

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