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France has the advantage of the most serious vaccines


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – France called a country of trust vaccine lowest in the world. As many as 33% of French people suspect that vaccines are safe.

This was obtained in a recent study in 144 countries. The survey conducted by British charity Wellcome uses participants aged 15 and over in April-December 2018.

start AFPThe study found that high-income countries had low confidence in vaccines. This was allegedly due to an increase in the number of vaccines against the public.

The United Nations (UN) report of April 2019 predicted that 169 million children lost their first vital dose of measles vaccine throughout 2010-2017.

"I believe that the trend is due to widespread suspicion and general concern about the vaccines that occur in developed countries," Wellcome Director Public Relations Imran Khan, who led the research.

Worldwide, 79% of the public do not dispute the safety of vaccines. Another 84 percent even recognizes the effectiveness of vaccines.

France was chosen as the "lowest country", while Bangladesh and Rwanda were called countries with the highest confidence in vaccines. Nearly 100% of people in both countries do not doubt the safety of the vaccines.

"I believe that trust in Bangladesh is present because there are more infectious diseases in the area," Khan said.

Khan said that further research was needed to understand the reasons for the mistrust of vaccines in high-income countries. He doubted that France's weakened economic performance in recent years has been one of the factors that affected this feeling.

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