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Galih Ginanjar Sindir Former wife smell of savory fish, recognize 5 different vaginal smells


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-> – When Kumalasar Barbie demolished her sexual life, Galih Ginajar's turn was to tell her about the bed on Rey Utami & Continent Youtube.

This time Galih Ginanjar told about his sexual life earlier. As we know, Galih Ginanjar was married to Fairuz A Rafiq, which lasted only three years, from 2011 to 2014.

At first, Rey Utami raised Galih Ginanjar to tell his difference in his sexual life when he was with his former wife and Barbie Kumalasar.

Galih Ginanjar compares his bed problem with ex-wives, like eating salty fish every day.

"If you know, you know it's like opening up a serving," salted fish, then close it again, how can you imagine it? "said Galih Ginanjar.

Rey Utami was amazed and curious about Galih Ginanjar's sexual life with his former wife. In addition, Galih compares it to eating salted fish.

"Yes, in the end it just worked, so it's important to channel it, so it's just 15 minutes," Galih said.

Galih Ginanjar and Kumala Sari []
Galih Ginanjar and Kumala Sari []

Galih admitted that he was unable to condemn his wife when he was still married because he was afraid to narrow his partner's confidence.

She decided to bring her former wife directly to the doctor to ensure her partner's genital odor.

"If I am the person who performs it, takes it to a dermatologist and genitals, which he usually treats. Then I research (intimate body) all. Apparently, scraped with a spoon is all white as rice, Galih said.

Galih added that the doctor said that his ex-wife's genital odor was due to vaginal fungus.

However, Galih also doubted that the smell was due to his former wife's bad behavior, who loved to change partners.

"The doctors who say they say the mushrooms are also not clean, perhaps because they are moving there, moving here," he added.

Start cosmopolitan.comIn fact, there are several vaginal odors. According to American Obstetrics and Gynecologists, every vaginal search has its own meaning and can indicate an infection.

1. An unpleasant smell

If a woman's vaginal smell is bad, if abdominal pain or pain is intercourse, this situation should not be underestimated. This unpleasant smell can be caused by bacteria that move from the vagina to the cervix.

This situation should be treated immediately, as it can cause infertility and chronic pain.

2. Fish smell

According to ACOG, the smell of a fish in a woman's vagina is usually a sign of infection. If the fish smell gets thicker after the intimate relationship and the amount of outgoing fluid may be due to bacterial vaginosis.

If these symptoms are also associated with vaginal itching and pain while urinating, you may have tricomoniasis or sexually transmitted diseases.

3. The smell of yeast or bread

The use of antibiotics and pregnancy allows the fungus to grow excessively into the vagina, which eventually causes odor such as yeast. This smell is also a sign of yeast infection.

Although such an infection is not a major problem, still contact an expert to get the correct diagnosis.

4. Bleach smell

For couples who often have sex using a lubricant or condom, a woman's vaginal smell is a bleach or chlorine.

This condition is not too worrying because you can simply stop having sex using contraception or lubricants to avoid bleaching.

5. Metal smell

During menstruation or before a woman's vagina, there are usually unpleasant odors such as metal. This vaginal smell is really typical when women are menstrual. However, this odor can be a sign that there is a problem with the reproductive organs that the doctor needs to consult.

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