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Gary Neville Attack Mino Raiola, Ask MU Don't treat her again


jakarta – Gary Neville did not hesitate to call Mino Raiola, Paul Pogba's representative, ashamed. He asked Manchester United not to work with Raila anymore.

Pogban was rumored to be leaving MU on the transfer market in the summer. Raiola himself told that the move from the Frenchman had been taken care of.

Real Madrid and Juventus are said to be interested in Pogba. Although in the end the transfer was not carried out, the rumors were already disturbing MU.

"He said Pogba wanted to leave. He made it clear. The agent is shameful and has been so throughout Europe, not just Manchester United," Neville was told. Sky Sports,
"They have to stop working with him. He doesn't have the values ​​you want in your club. I don't think Manchester United need to negotiate with him."

"He's trying to make a transfer for his players and trying to get some of the transfer value for himself. That's how he works," said the former MU captain.

Neville believes MU should be more convincing to players who trigger a polarization.

"Manchester United has a very detrimental effect on this issue. He is one of the most famous players in the world, but every week there are new problems. There is always controversy," he continued.

"Maybe it's not his own fault, but the fact is that it is detrimental to the club. That is why Sir Alex Ferguson is often tight when he is different from the players. Because the effect can be very damaging," Neville said.

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