Friday , March 5 2021

# Hands4Diabets Tropicana Slim Training for Indonesian Families Preventing Diabetes

TRIBUNSUMSEL.COM, PALEMBANG – As the commitment to continue encouraging Indonesian families to raise awareness about the prevention of diabetes from early ages, Tropicana Slim runs the # Hands4Diabets campaign.

This activity was carried out simultaneously with 35 cities in Indonesia, as part of a framework to revitalize World Diabetes Day 2018.

In Palembang, the # Hands4Diabets campaign is located in Kambang Iwak, with hundreds of participants from different backgrounds and age groups.

"The #Hands4Diabets campaign begins with morning recruitment, collects smiling petitions, free blood tests, sugar border checks, and various exciting and educational activities at different venues," said Sumatran region's nutrition manager Andy Gunardi at the event's event on Sunday (November 11, 2018).

Particularly in the appeal of the smile, participants were asked to sign a board containing many palms and divided into three colors, each representing different factors that caused diabetes.

This action is jointly responsible for diabetics in Indonesia.

"They have given their signatures, it means that the participants have donated Rp.1000, which is donated to Kemonitas Sobat Diabetes to train and prevent diabetes in various regions of Indonesia," he said.

According to information provided by the International Diabetes Association (IDF) Atlas in 2017, Indonesia is currently ranked sixth in the world, with diabetes being the largest, which is 10.3 million.

"For this reason, educating early-stage diabetes in parents, mothers and children, it is very important to protect Indonesian families from diabetes, which is similar to this year's #Hands4Diabetes campaign, family and diabetes theme," Andi explained.

# The Hands4Diabetes campaign itself has become the fifth year. The goal is to invite Indonesian families to prevent and combat diabetes.

"As a brand that has consistently inspired Indonesian families to live healthy and high-quality products for 40 years, of course, we will continue to optimally call for Indonesians more concern about health, especially more cautious diabetes," he explained.

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