Jerinx has apologized, questioning Adam Den’s motives for becoming a police officer himself


Jerinx eventually spoke about the alleged threat reported by the Adam Deni program. Jerinx sees the matter with Adam Den as a personal matter and just a misunderstanding.

“I think this is a personal matter, just a misunderstanding,” Jerinx said, uploading to his personal Instagram account as seen, Monday (26.7.2012).

Jerinx then explains the chronology of the dispute with Adam Den. According to him, the case began with a scientific discussion about COVID, in which he and Adam Deni participated.

Drummer band The Superman is dead to admit that there was tension between him and Adam Den. However, he said it was over and he had apologized.

“Before making the report, I realized the confusion, so I apologized directly to the AD. I suspect this problem needs to be resolved,” Jerinx said.

“Unfortunately, the military is still forcing me to go through the trial. I don’t know the motive, and the person in question has also forgiven me. I respect that and face it,” he added.

Adam Den’s value is too great

A man whose full name is I Gede Ari Astina considers the threat reports reported by Adam Den excessive. According to him, as a victim of threats, Adam Deni did not seem to be afraid, even seemed to challenge him.

“I think the allegation of intimidating the reporter is too impressed because the military showed no fear. They even challenged me to meet him and wait for my arrival in Jakarta for his report,” Jerinx said.

The case is currently underway in Polda Metro Jaya. The police were originally scheduled to interrogate Jerinx this morning at 10 a.m. at the WIB.

But Jerinx could not attend. See police explanation for Jerinx’s absence during the investigation

Watch the video ‘Jerinx does not attend police calls due to illness’:

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